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80 mm Dia. x 200 mm L Drum Collector with Speed Control Console For DIY Electrospinning - MSK-ESDC-80

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Item Number: MSK-ESDC-80
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MSK-ESDC-80 is an 80 mm Dia. x 200 mm L stainless steel drum collector with oscillation and rotation speed control console for the nano-fiber electro-spinning DIY system. In this setup, the nano-fibers are winded in the form of aligned nonwoven membrane on a rotating drum. This method provides a relatively high production rate compared to the plate collector method. 

  • If you use High voltage power in the system, must have Grounding tests(GFCI) before first-time use. Improper grounding may cause charge build-up and damage the unit.


  • Drum collector with adjustable rotation speed and digital speed display
  • Speed adjustable oscillation fixture for holding multiple liquid ejection needles
  • Compact, modular design enables DIY flexibility
Input Power
Oscillation Fixture

  • Syringe needle holder to mount up to 7 needles (7 slots of 12 mm Dia. See left picture)
  • Two adjustable positions limit sensors to control the fixture movement distance
  • Syringe needle head suggested having 100-200mm distance with collector drum
  • Fixture movement distance: 160 – 330 mm adjustable
  • The syringe needle is not included in the standard package, please order separately.  
Drum Collector
  • Rotation speed: 100 - 1300 rpm adjustable
  • Speed accuracy: +/- 5 rpm
  • Drum size: 80 mm Dia. x 200 mm L
  • Optional drum with sizes of 30 or 50mm dia.  can be ordered separately by contacting MTI
  • To builds a DIY electrospinning system, you may need
    • A high voltage power supply (Click Pic 1 to order)
    • A syringe pump controller to deliver polymer solution (Pic 2 & 3)
    • Ultrasonic spray head (  click Pic.4 to order )
    • An X-Y stage for uniform coating onto a plate collector (Click Pic 5 to order)
    • A fume hood to enclose the system for safety and health (Click Pic 6 to order)
        1             3      4   5    6
Stage Dimensions
  • 480 mm L x 480 mm W x 300 mm H     (click to enlarge)
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
Shipping Weight
  • 40 lbs
Operation Instruction           
Application Notes
  • The ability to generate aligned fibers and the degree of alignment depend on the polymer-solvent combination, viscosity, applied voltage, tip-collector distance, and drum rotation speed. User is advised to experiment the processing parameters for best results
  • Use a properly grounded electrical outlet of the correct voltage and current handling capacity and away from sources of electromagnetic interference. Improper grounding may cause charge build-up and damage the unit
  • The electrospinning process uses HIGH VOLTAGE! Stay clear of the syringe needle or drum collector during the process to avoid electric shock! Beware of short circuit damage to the unit due to leaking or short distance between charged syringe needle and drum collector
  • Solvents and chemicals used for electrospinning may be poisonous, flammable, oxidizing, or corrosive. It is the user’s responsibility to understand the risks associated with the process and use proper protections. The user is advised to wear protective clothing, mask, goggles, and gloves. The electrospinning process should be confined in an enclosed chamber, such as a fume hood, with proper exhaust handling capability


No. Descriptions Qty Image
1 MSK-ESDC-80 Drum Collector 1
2 Control Console 1
3 Connection Cable 1
4 Power Cord 1
5 Operation Manual CD 1
EQ-TF-220110-100-LD 100W Max AC to AC Transformer (Dual Change 220/240V = 110/120V) -  Optional
MTI-VP13 USA Outlet Plug Adapter  Optional
EQ-Syringe20-GL Lab Utility 20 mL Glass Syringe for Syringe Pump & Filling Electrolyte Optional
EQ-Syringe20 Lab Utility 20 mL Syringe with Luer Lock Needle for Filling Electrolyte Optional
EQ-ESDC-SN Two Syringe Needles for Injection Optional

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