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Compact Hot Pellet Press up to 1000ºC with 30 Segment Temperature Control - YLJ-HP6

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Item Number: YLJ-HP6
Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)


YLJ-HP6 (update from EQ-HP-6T) is a CE Certified small pellet press with a programmable split furnace, which can apply up to 6 metric tons to the sample at max.1000ºC. ( Pressure gauge < 10MP) It is ideal press for preparing ceramic, composite and polymer material sample with higher density.  
(Update: MTI YLJ series Pressers were CE approved on Mar. 2015)



6 metric tons ( 10 MP on pressure gauge ) Max.

Hydraulic Pump

12T manual pump is built-in on the bottom of the frame.  The 24t Hydraulic pump can be ordered at extra cost.

Bottom Hydraulic Cylinder Travel Distance

25 mm

Top Support Screw Adjustable Height

150 mm

Heating Chamber & Temperature Control & Pressure gauge
  • Split furnace with 55mm diameter heating chamber
  • Max. working temperature: 1000ºC
  • 30 segments programmable temperature controller with auto tune PID and over-heating protection
  • Digital Pressure Gauge with max. pressure setting ( click the pic below right to see detail specs)
Furnace Power Supply
Single Phase AC 208~240V, 1.2KW
Machine Dimensions                   

292mm(L) x 279mm(W) x 546mm(H)

Net weight

350 lb

Shipping Dimensions

14"(L) x 14"(W) x 25"(H)

Weight of shipment

410 lbs with 48"x40"x46"  dimension

Optional Press dies & Pushing Rod for the hot pressing
  • Pressing die is not included.
  • Pressing die supporting is not included, please prepare yourself. (The suggesting pressing rod size is provided below picture. The size is work with our company's pressing dies only.) 
  • Please click the picture below to choose a die based on Max.working temperature in air. For higher temperature die, you may use Al2O3  or SiC die, which we don't supply at this moment.
Tool Steel Die: 250oCMax. Graphite Die: 399oC Max in air Option Mica Spacers BN, SiC Y2O3coating to protect graphitedie
  • Please pay attention for Max. working pressure on your die. Never go beyond the die's Max. pressure limit at given temperature, otherwise, the die may be deformed or cracked.
  • Here is the example of pressure comparison table using MTI Refractory Alloy Die under 400ºC
Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Mpa) 2.5 5.0 7.5    10
Actual Force Applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) 1.5      3     4.5    6    
  • The maximum pressure in the press is 10Mpa (gauge reading), apply pressure >10Mpa is strictly prohibited!
  • P = T/(πr^2) x g x 10
    P: Pressure (MPa) applied on your working piece
    T:  Force (Ton) applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder
    g: Standard gravity ≈ 9.8 m/s2
    π: ~3.14
    r: Radius (cm) of the working piece
    *1 Metric Ton = 1000 kg; 1 MPa ≈ 10 kgf/cm2

  • CE Certified
Operation Instructions

  • The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  • One year limited standard warranty (Extended warranty is available up to 5 years at extra cost

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