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Single Channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat for Battery/Capacitor Analysis, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Activated - BST8-STAT-EIS-LD

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Item Number: BST8-STAT-EIS-LD
BST8-STAT-EIS is a Single Channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Activated for Battery/Capacitor/Fuel Cell Analysis. It exports the impedance data to a file format to accommodate free third party EIS analysis software. The EIS analysis software is a user-friendly interface that allows selection of the proper scanning parameters, collect the impedance spectra, display data in Nyquist and/or Bode plots and export data in the proper data format for use in EIS analysis software. A brand new laptop with MS Window 8 and the latest version of testing software are included for immediate use.



Model Number BST8-STAT-EIS
Potentiostat Yes
Galvanostat Yes
EIS Measurement
Frequency Range 10mHz ~10KHz
Capability of DC Bias Offset Yes
Cell Control
Compliance Voltage ±25V
Max Output Current ±1A
Rise Time

45 µs for 1 Ohm load (0%-100% signal)

Slew Rate 0.2 V/us
Bandwidth 10 kHz (-3dB, 1Ohm load)
Applied DC Potential Ranges ±10VDC
Applied Potential Resolution 0.3mV
Applied Potential Accuracy < 0.04% FSR
Current Autoranging In Galvanostat Mode 
Applied DC Current Range

4 testing ranges can be selected in the software (10nA~1µA, 1µA~100µA, 100µA ~10mA, 10mA~1A)

Best Current Resolution 0.5 nA, 0.003% of FSR
Applied Current Accuracy 0.03% of FSR
Input Bias Current 500 pA 
Input Impedance 250 GΩ parallel to 3 pf 
Current raise rate Galvanostat >64 A/ms 
IR Compensation Manual, Potentiostat Mode 
External Control  1 AO, 1 AI, 2 DO
Maximum Scan Rate Potentiostat 500 V/s 
Maximum Update Rate 4us
Potential Measurement
Measured DC Potential Ranges

2 (±50 mV, ±10 V) Autoranging


3 µV, 300 µV (0.006%, 0.003% of FSR)


0.08 or 0.03% of FSR

Current Measurent                             
Measured Current Ranges

Galvanostat: 4 (±100 µA, ±1 mA, ±100 mA, ±1 A)
Potentiostat: 4 (±1 µA, ±100 µA, ±10 mA, ±1 A )

Best Resolution 

Galvanostat: 3 nA (0.003% of FSR)
Potentiostat: 610 pA - 340 µA (0.06 - 0.003% of FSR In Order of Range)


Galvanostat: 0.03% of FSR;
Potentiostat: 0.3 - 0.03% of FSR Depending on Range

PotentioSTAT Min to Max

3 nA to 1 A

Data Acquisition
Acquisition Speed

250 k samples/s (Aggregate)
125 k samples/s/ch. (min 2 channels)

DAC Resolution 16 bits
Computer & Software Brand new laptop with MS Window 8 and latest version of testing software are installed and calibrated for immediate use.

Input Power 110V/220VAC switchable power adapter, 50/60Hz, 120W
Operation Instructions
Compliance CE Certified
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support for the battery analyzer. (Note: MTI does not carry warranty for the Laptops. In case service is needed for the laptops, please contact laptop manufacturer directly for warranty/nonwarranty service.)
Application Notes  New buyers must buy the software-installed laptop to avoid trouble from installation. 

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