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Split Test Cell with Beryllium (Be) Window for In-situ XRD Analysis of Battery Electrode - EQ-STC-BEW

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EQ-STC-BEW split-able test cell features a 40 mm Dia. Beryllium (Be) Window which allows in-situ XRD analysis of battery material phase transitions during charging/discharging cycles. Such a cell can accommodate various sizes (15, 19, 20 and 24 mm diameter) of electrodes and separators. It is designed for easy&quick assembling tests of the electrode materials of rechargeable batteries.



  • Featured a Beryllium (Be) Window which is nearly transparent to X-rays. Such window is also electrically conductive and thus allows XRD in-situ analysis for electrode materials during cell charging / discharging cycles or under various temperature conditions. 
  • A free stand is included for the proper height adjustment of the split cell in order to fit the best testing position. please click the image on the left for details. (430mm to 480mm height adjustable)
  • Electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE Guide Sleeve capable of withstanding up to 250 ºC. 
  • Sealed by electrolyte corrosion-resistant PTFE O-rings.
  • Slim design allows the operation inside of the glove box.
  • Easy to assemble, separate or clean after the completion of each experiment.
  • Same functionality as "Swagelok Coin Cell" but with more size options for electrodes
Components & Materials

  • Stainless Steel constructed body and pressing plate
  • Beryllium (Be) Window 
  • PTFE Sleeve (Please select the size of the PTFE sleeve I.D. at Product Options: 15,19,20,and 24 mm) 
  • PTFE O-rings
  • SS Hex Screws

  • Height: 62mm min. without load.
  • Diameter: 76mm (widest diameter without lead.)
  • Lead-exposed length: 19mm
  • Beryllium (BE) Window: 40mm Dia. x 1.5mm thick    
Be Observation Window
XRD Pattern    Cell Setup
  • Beryllium (BE) Observation Window allows the X-Ray beam penetration
  • XRD diffraction angle (2θ) 25°~155° 
  • Diffraction pattern of SiO2 (10-10) (see pic on the left, from top to bottom: SiO2 Pattern, SiO2 + )
  • A typical setup of split test cell with XRD device (see pic. on the left)
Max. Working Temperature
  • 250 ºC 
PTFE Sleeve Size Option

  • PTFE (white) sleeve around a stainless steel pressing pad.
  • PTFE sleeve I.D.: 15,19,20,and 24 mm
  • PTFE sleeve O.D.: 29 mm
  • Choose one at Product Options
Max. Cell Thickness Cathode+separator+anode: 5mm
Installation and Operation Notices (click the pictures right to see the details)  
Note: First two photos (left and middle) show the what's included in the split cell tester.
Demo Video(how to do battery research by the split cell )  Coming Soon...
Application Notes
  • For In-situ Laser Raman Spectroscopy, the typical wavelength used is ranging from ultra-violet (244 nm~364 nm) to near infrared (785 nm~1064 nm). The Be observation window we used is nearly transparent in this wavelength range.
  • For better in-situ observation, electrode material shall face the window.  you may use lab press and dry pressing die below to prepare an electrode pellet instead of using electrode coated Al or Cu foil.
  • Optional: Purchase a vacuum pen for easy component placement.

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