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Laboratory Spray Atomizer with Build-in Air Compressor, Peristaltic Pump and Glass Chambers- MSK-USP-6000

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Item Number: MSK-USP-6000


MSK-USP-6000 is laboratory spray dryer that generates fine particles by evaporating the atomized liquid spray and been collected through the cyclone separating process. It is suitable for synthesizing heat sensitive materials for a board range of applications such as Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, Catalysts, Fuel cells, and Batteries.

System Features
  • Dual channel spray nozzle with anti-clogging function prevents the nozzle from being clogged during the spray process
  • Transparent receiving tank, drying chamber and cyclone separator for easy process monitoring
  • Borosilicate glass chamber resists strong acid/alkali and high temperature
  • The use of quick clamps allows easy components removal and cleaning 
  • The built-in air compressor is quiet (50dB) and clean (oil-mist free).
  • Built-in PID temperature controller for accurate Inlet/outlet air temperature control
  • User-friendly touch screen enables easy adjustment of temperature, air flow & pressure, pumping speed and anti-clogging interval
  • Solvent feeding via peristaltic pump, rate is adjustable
Input Voltage & Power 208~220VAC, 3000W
Spray Nozzle (Atomizer)
  • Compress gas assist spray nozzle disperses spray liquid into fine droplets which are subsequently dried in the chamber
  • Dual channel design allows you mix and spray two kinds of solution at the same time
  • Anti-clogging nozzle, auto anti-clogging interval adjustable
  • Co-current downward spray
Temperature Control
  • Inlet air: 30 ℃ ~300℃
  • Outlet air: 30 ℃ ~140℃
  • PID temperature controller with ±1℃ accuracy
Drying Time 1~1.5S
Drying Air
  • 0-330m^3 /h,
  • Max pressure: 686Pa
Peristaltic Pump
  • Solvent is fed by peristaltic pump
  • Feeding rate adjustable: 30~2200ml/h
Evaporation Capability 1500mL/H ~ 2000ml/h
  • Ultrasonic spray nozzle is available upon request at extra cost
        40 KHZ           120KHz      2.4 MHz
Certification CE Certified
Net Weight 130Kg
Dimensions 650 Lx 500 Wx 1300mm H
Shipping Weight 430 lbs
Warranty One-year limited manufacturer warranty with lifetime support
Operation Instructions

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