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Rapid Heated Pressing (VRHP) Furnace upto 1700ºC & 5T with Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber - OTF-1700X-RHP4

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Item Number: OTF-1700X-RHP4
Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)

OTF-1700X-RHP4 is a Vacuum Rapid Heated Pressing Furnace  ( VRHP or RHP)  designed for making dense compound materials under vacuum & high pressure. A 15KW temperature controlled induction heater is integrated to the system which provides sufficient power for rapid heating of graphite pressing die upto 1700ºC. The Induction coil and graphite die are consealed inside of a stainless steel vacuum chamber. An electric hydraulic press is built in the lower section of the system to delivery pressing force upto 5 ton. 

SPECIFICATIONS  ( We reserve the right  to improve quality and modify specs in any time before order confirmation

Max. Pressure

  • 5 metric tons (10 MPa on pressure gauge) limited by supporting structure

Hydraulic  Pump

  • Electric hydraulic pump with Max. load capability of 20 metric tons.
  • Cylinder size 25 mm in diameter.
  • Movable distance: 15mm
  • Automatic max. pressure controller
  • Please click on left picture for details.

Induction Heater

  • Working Voltage: 208~240V AC, 50/ 60Hz, Single Phase
  • Working Current: 34 Amp (60A breaker required)
  • Max. Oscillating Power: 15KW
  • Max. Input Power: 7 KW
  • Output Frequency: 30 - 80 kHz Adjustable
  • Duty Cycle: 80%
  • Air Cooling: Rear Fan
  • Protection: Automatic water pressure, over temperature, and over power protection

Temp. Controller 

  • Precision digital temperature controller with Automatic PID tuning
  • 30 segments programmable for controlling heating and cooling rate  as well as dwell time.
  • Overheating & pyrometer failure protection.
  • +/- 3 ºC temperature accuracy. 
  • B tyep thermal couple which is inserted into graphote die
  • Continuous Working Temp. Ra nge: 1000ºC~1700ºC
  • Max. Heating Rate: 
    • 10ºC/second (1000ºC-1200ºC)
    • 8ºC/second (1200ºC~1500ºC)
    • 3ºC~6ºC/second (1500ºC~1700ºC)
    Processing chamber
    Sealing Flange

  • The Φ300*320mm H  stainless steel vacuum sealed chamber allows for making compound pellets under controlled gas environment or vacuu.
  • Flanges on both ends of the chamber are water cooled. KF-25D vacuum port, pressure gauge, 1/4" gas inlet port with SS needle valve are featured on the flanges.
  • Upper flange can be lifted by raising the lead screw and thus provide the easy access to retrieving the graphite die
  • >12 L/minute water flow is required, using a recirculating water chiller to save water ( click picture below right to order at extra cost ) is highly recommended
  • Max. achievable vacuum level: 10E^-4 Torr by molecular pumping station (EQ-PAC-LD turbo pumping system with powerful backing pump, please don't use small pumps )  or 10^-2 torr by a mechanical pump.
  • Please click on pictures below to choose a vacuum pump at extra cost.

    High-Temperature Graphite
    Pressing Die Set 

  • Two graphite supporting rods are built in. ( bottom left picture )
  • One set of 0.5" ID  graphite die are included for immediate use. ( bottom central picture)
  • The high temperature pressing die is usually made of high purity graphite with max. working pressure of 50 Mpa
  • The graphite pressing die gets broken easily and is consumable, please click on the central photo below to order extra sets. We can also provide customized die sets upon customer request at extra cost
  • Mica spacers are used to adjust the height of die sets (while providing heat insulation). Please click on bottom right picture below to order spares.( bottom right photo )
  • The ID( inner diameter ) of the die set must be taken into consideration when using the hydraulic press to compress the sample. For example, the graphite die set with an ID of 0.5" can only withstand a maximum pressure range of ~0.6 Metric Ton from the press to maintain its structural integrity.
  • 800 mm(L) x 720mm(W) x 1100mm(H)  ( please click picture below to see details )

    Net Weight

  • 350 kg  

    Weight of Shipment

  • 1100 lbs

    Application Notes

  • The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  • One year limited standard warranty (Extended warranty is available up to 5 years at extra cost)
  • CE cerified
  • MET Certification (UL 1450) is available upon request at extra cost, please contact our sales representatives for quote.

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