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Precision Vacuum Pressure Regulating System with Motorized Valve , (Gauge is required but not included), 10E-6 to 760 torr - EQ-VPC-MV-LD

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Item Number: EQ-VPC-MV-LD
This is a turn-key solution for precisely controlling the vacuum pressure in a vacuum chamber/system. Benefits from the motorized valve and wide range vacuum measuring gauge, the input gas flow can be precisely regulated in order to maintain certain vacuum pressure range from 1.0E-6 to 760 Torr, guaranteed.


Upgraeded option for MTI High-Vacuum Pumping Station


    • For creating a control section in conjunction with the pressure regulating valves
    • Simple operation with self-explanatory LCD display and function keys
    • Analog/digital inputs/outputs and interfaces
    • Settable PID regulating algorithm
    • For system manufacturers, as a supplement to their own control unit
    • Working voltage: 100~250 VAC, 50/60 Hz universal
    • Power Consumption: 50 W

    Pressure Gauge
    (Not INCLUDED)

    • Flange size: DN 25 ISO-KF, stainless steel
    • Measurement range from 3.75E-9 to 760 Torr
    • Two gauge heads (Pirani and cold cathode) in a single case (inverted magnetron)
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Maximum pressure: 3,000 Torr (refers to inert gasses)
    • Operating temperatures: 5-55 °C

    Motorized Valve

    • Flange in and out: DN 16 ISO-KF
    • Ambient temperature: 5-40 °C (41-104 °F)
    • Gas flow controllable range: 3.75E-6 to 937.5 Torr l/s 
    • Operating pressure: 7.5E-9 to 1875 Torr
    • With integrated motor control electronics
    • Fluoroelastomer dosing sleeve

    Application Notes
    • The motorized valve is used together with a control unit for controlling the pressure in a vacuum system, with a variable gas flow (upstream control) for maintaining a desired vacuum pressure. More specifically, the control valve regulates the gas inlet of the vacuum system. The valve plate moves in closing direction when the pressure in the vacuum system rises, vice and verse.
                                                                                                    Upstream control Solution
    • This turn-key solution can be used with most of the vacuum pumps available on the market,  such as turbo, oilless/dry, oil, diffusion pumps.
    • It must not be used with liquid vapors.

    Operation Instructions

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