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High-Throughput Liquid Distributing Robot with 1mL Pipette, Microplates, Tube & Tip Refilling Racks, Laptop & Software - MSK-18PE

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Item Number: MSK-18PE
MSK-18PE is a fully automated liquid distributing robot with a working station for accommodating upto 9 microplates. The open source application interface allows the user make dedicate programming steps for preparing a set of organic electrolyte samples with various additive combinations such as EC, EMC, VC...  Its 1mL pipette can transfer the liquid from one well to another accurately and automatically as programmedIt is an excellent tool for high-throughput applications (such as LiB electrolyte pipetting workflow), without dedicated labor. 

  • Automated pipetting with accurate and reproducible results. This eliminates human variation and user fatigue which can be the major causes of experimental variations.
  • Pipetting tip can be automatically replaced as reagent/source changes to avoid cross contaminations.
  • Open source API and free coding assistance enable hassle-free programming. 
  • For developing a variety of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes or organic solvents with speedy throughput. Fast, accurate and efficient pipetting workflow!
Working Voltage
  • Universal AC-DC Power Adapter is included, 110V~240VAC, 50/60Hz 
  • Step Motors: 12V, 3amps max.
        Pic.1                Pic.2

  • A single channel pipette was included, click pic.1 to enlarge: Range: 200~1000uL, CV <0.2%
  • Eight channel pipette (each channel has the same titration rate 50~30uL) is available upon request, click pic.2 to enlarge
Work Station
  • Anodized aluminum frame and base
  • Capacity: can accommodate 9 microplates
Tube Racks

Three tube racks are included in the package, 0.75 mL, 2 mL, 15/50 mL (one of each size )
  • The 0.75 mL tube rack can hold 24 x 0.75 mL hinged-lid microtubes.
  • The  2 mL tube rack can hold 24 x 2 mL hinged-lid microtubes.
  • The 15/50 mL tube rack can hold 4 x 50 mL conical tubes and 6 x 15 mL conical tubes.
Note: more tube racks can be added to the station as long as the capacity limit is not reached. 

  • Three 6 wells microplates (polystyrene) are included in the package for loading upto 18 different sources 
  • 15.5ml per well, culture area 9.6cm^2
Note: more microplates can be added to the station as long as the capacity limit is not reached. 
Tip Rack Refills
  • A set of tips in rack (50~1000ul, totally 960 tips) is included in the starter package.
  • Automatic tip replacement ensures zero cross contamination when transfer between different sources.
Delivery Volume 200ul-1mL for each move
Delivery reproducibility (C.V.%) <0.2 (200uL)
Computer Programming

  • One brand new laptop with software installed is included for immediate use.
  • PC control is separated from the main station and thus the system can be operated inside of the glove box. 
  • API open source programming. Each step allows user set the aspiration volume, pipette movement and the positioning of the racks.
  • Easily upload a protocol, calibrate positions, and run your experiment right from your computer.
Programming Example
As shown in the image, a layout had been set up for automatic pipetting upto 240 samples of different combinations from 6 reagents. The followings are needed for the layout:
  • Three microplates with 6 wells which contain reagents/sources
  • Ten tube racks with 24 microtubes which will be loaded with different reagents 
  • A 96 channel tip rack for tip replacement
  • A tip disposal tank
Net Weight 13.6kg
Dimensions 60CM X 60CM X 60CM
Warranty One year limited with lifetime support
Operation Instructions  

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