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Sc Stablized ZrO2 ( SSZ) Conductive Ceramic Substrate , 100x100x0.25 mm, fine ground, SSZ-5050-015

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Item Number: SSZ-100-025
Scandia doped zirconia-based substrate ( SSZ)  for research on intermediate to high temperature (700-900°C) SOFC anode and cathode materials. Thesubstrate offers high strength for manufacturability along with high conductivity for distinguishing subtle differences among different electrode materials.
  • Composition:                   (SC2O3)0.1(CeO2)0.01(ZrO2)0.8               
  • Bending Strength:           ≥400MPa
  • Conductivity @800℃:      ≥0.1 S/cm
  • Surface:                            as fired
  • Dimension:                       100 mm x1050 mm x  0.25 mm  +/- 0.02 mm thickness

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