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TbScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 1sp

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Item Number: TSOe050505S1
  • Size: 5mm x 5mm x 0.5mm
  • Orientation: (110) + / - 0.5 o Orthorhombic
  • Tolerance : <0.5 o
  • Edge direction: <001> with notches
  • Polish: one side EPI polished with surface roughness Ra< 5 A
  • Package: One 1000 class clean room with 100 class plastic bag


  • Good lattice match with perovskite structure superconductors
  • Prefect for ferroelectric epitaxial thim film



 Structure /Lattice Constant(A)




Dielectric constant

Growth Tech

 DyScO3  Orthorombic
a=5.44  b=5.71  c=7.89
 2127  6.9      CZ


a=5.45  b=5.75  c=7.93

 2127  6.6      CZ


a = 5.4543, b = 5.7233 
 c = 7.9147

 2127  6.6

Click here to see JCPDS data of GdScO3 (X-ray diffraction index data from powder XRD.  Single crystal data may slight different from the standard due to lattice deformation)

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