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Vanadium Redox Flow Cell (Single Split Unit) for Battery R&D - EQ-VRB-C-LD

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Item Number: EQ-VRB-C-LD


EQ-VRB-C is splitable single unit flow cell for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery research; a battery technology which takes advantage of eliminating the use of rare earth metals. Most importantly, this battery kind holds the potential to be vastly scaled up for industrial applications while incurring a lower cost increase -- the storage capacity is scaled up by implementing a larger electrolyte storage tank ( compared to lithium ion cells in which the amount of active materials on electrodes need to be increased and are more costly to produce ). Moreover, this type of battery is capable of being charged and discharged for over 10 times the life cycle of lithium ion cells with no capacity loss.  

This split test cell features easy and fast assembly with convenient part replacement to facilitate research for flow cell cathode and electrolyte solutions.

  • Single cell voltage range: 1.2V ~ 1.6V (depending on Vanadium electrolyte composition)
  • Cell current density: 40 ~ 100 mA / cm^2 ( maximum 4.9A of possible current draw for a 7cm x 7cm reactive area)  
  • Manifold Blocks are made of anti-corrosive PTFE materials to withstand acids
  • Large reactive area provides uniform and reliable test data
  • Cathode materials are changable according to the test conditions
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
Reactive Area - Multiple Configurations

  • Standard cell comes with 3 interchangeable frames and gaskets for testing multiple parameters (please click bottom left picture below for details)
    • 7x7cm
    • 5x5cm
    • 3x3 cm
  • Custom reactive area sizes up to 20cm x 30cm can be requested at extra cost.  
Compression Pressure
  • 87 PSI (0.6Mpa), ~300KG Force is recommended
  • 116 PSI (0.8Mpa) Max.
Unit Cell Internal Structure (all components are included)

All components, Manifold Blocks, Current Plates, Bipolar Plates, Gaskets, Frames, Carbon Felts, Membranes, O-Rings, liquid inlet and outlet ports, are included for immediate use.  Please click here to order extra Internal Components if it is needed.
Bipolar Plates
  • High electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, and high mechanical strength for toughness.
  • These highly flexible plates offer performance comparable to conventional graphite plates BUT have excellent resistance to breakage and have less defects.
  • Only ~0.7mm in thickness, this keeps cells thinner when stacked compared to graphite plates ( porous and brittle in nature; needs to be thick structurally).
  • Needs frequent replacement, please order from "Related Products" category below.
External Dimensions

126 D x 126 W x 67 H; mm

Application Notes

Vanadium Redox Flow Cell Sketch

Photo Credit: Rahman, F.; Skyllas-Kazacos, M. Vanadium redox battery: Positive half-cell electrolyte studies. J. Power Sources 2009, 189, 1212-1219.

Procedure for Testing Flow Cell -- click picture to enlarge:

MTI provides the complete setup at an affordable cost for the entire testing procedure. Please see images or related products below for more details.
  • A jig or pressing machine is required to tightly press the cell together in order to suppress leakage of electrolyte solutions during live tests. Please order a hydraulic jig separately from below or use your own jig -- WARNING: Never exceed a max. pressure of 0.8MPa to avoid damage to the flow cell. 
  • Peristaltic pump and battery analyzer are also available for making a low cost DIY Flow Battery test system (please choose from related products below).
Relevant Articles & Videos
Relevant Articles & Publications (click for links):
  1. "Vanadium Redox Battery" from
  2. "Membranes for Redox Flow Battery Applications" Published: 19 June 2012
  3. "A Review of Metallic Bipolar Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: Materials and Fabrication Methods" Accepted: 13 June 2012
Videos (Click to Watch):
HOW THE VANADIUM REDOX BATTERY (VRB) WORKS video credit: VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.

B. Making a vanadium redox flow battery, video credit: Energy Storage CDT (University of Southampton)
C. Video by MTI showing the Flow Cell in operation
        B.        C.
Optional Accessory
  • You may also consider alternative jigs in below:

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