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24T Lab Press with Separable Hydraulic Pump & Protection Cover - YLJ-24TS

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Item Number: YLJ-24TS
Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)
YLJ-24TS is a CE Certified desktop dry pressing machine up to 24 metric tons for materials/chemistry research laboratories to prepare the compound ceramic sample.YLJ-24TS has transparent protection shield and separated manual hydraulic pump, which makes it easy to repair and replacement.
   Max. Pressure 
  • 24 Metric Ton
  • Pressure gauge is built in
Gauge Pressure Value to Force Conversion

Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Mpa)
10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
Actual Force Applied to the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) 4 6 9 11 14 17 19 22 24
    • Displayed Pressure Value to Actual Applied Force Conversion: 1 MPa = 0.3Ton
    • The actual force applied to the Vessel Cylinder (Ton) equal to the force applied to your working piece
    • For calculating the actual pressure (Mpa) applied to your working piece, please follow the equations below:
          P = T/πr^2 x g x 10
  • P: Pressure (Mpa) applied to your working piece
  • T: Force (metric ton) Applied to the Pressure Vessel Cylinder
  • g: Standard gravity. g ≈ 9.8 m/s2
  • π: ~3.14
  • r: Radius (cm) of the Pressure Vessel ( 1.5 cm)
  • *1000 Kg = 1 Metric Ton; 1 Mpa = 10 Kg/cm2 
Hydraulic Machine
  •  24T Max.
  •  Pump is separated from cylinder for safe operation
Operation Temperature 10 - 40°C
Bottom Cylinder Traveling Distance 20 mm maximum. The bottom cylinder (piston) is shown in the illustration in dimension section. 
Overall Dimension 
   Press: 220 L x 220 D x 269 H(min), mm
   Rocker base: 110 L x 330 D x 200 H(min), mm
Pressing Die (Optional) Pressing dies with various diameters are available upon request at extra cost
Net Weight 100 kg
Shipping Weight & Dimension 260 lbs; 48"x40"x40"
Compliance CE Certified
  • The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  • One year limited standard warranty (Extended warranty is available up to 5 years at extra cost).
Operation Video and Instructions

Application Notes
  • The pressing die cannot be used for pressing powder with particle size < 30 microns. Small particles may slip into the gap between pushing rod and steel sleeve and cause damages to the sleeve during the compression. Ball mill and sieve the powder and apply only the 32~75 microns powder to the pressing die to avoid the damages. Please consider using the 3'' Dia. Sieve Set No.200&450 Mesh to separate the 32~75 microns particles from the powder clumps. Please clean the mold via ethanol after the completion of each experiment.
  • Do not raise the bottom cylinder (piston) more than its maximum traveling distance. (25 mm)
  • Warning: Customers must always wear protection goggles during operation !!!
  • Operate the presser inside the glove box is not recommended.

Packing List:
Name Qty
1 Main machine (24T hydraulic pressing machine) 1 unit
2 Allen Hex Wrench 1 set
3 Crimping Die Padding Block 1 pc
4 Manual CD 1 pc

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