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Rechargeable In-Line Trap to Prevent Backstreaming in Vacuum Pump-EQ-SAT25A-LD

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Item Number: EQ-SAT25A-LD


The Assimilation Traps are are used between the rough vacuum pump  and  the  diffusion (or  turbo) pump  to  prevent backstreaming of oil  into  the  diffusion pump.  In  addition,  these
traps prevent particulate matter from entering the vacuum pump.  Assimilation  Traps  have  the  added  feature  of  a  replaceable filtering  element. This  allows  easy  replacement  once  it  becomes contaminated, clogged, or corroded. A variety of different filtering mediums  are  available  for  specific  applications  described  below. The  quick  clamp  seal  incorporates  a viton  gasket  to  provide  a good  vacuum  seal.  In  addition  to  the  elements  listed,  the  user could  incorporate  his  own  medium  into  the  assimilation  trap  for special  applications.  For  example,  if  a  lot  of  acidic  compounds were  to  be  pumped  by  the  vacuum  pump,  NaOH  or  other  basic compounds  could  be  used  in  the  trap  to  neutralize  acids,  and
aluminum oxide filtering material could be used for high efficiency filtering.
Body Dimensions(W x L)
Bottom Top Capacity
3" x 6 3/4" NW25 Flange NW25 Flange 17cfm
Assimilation TrapElements
The  standard  element  is  coarse  OFHC  (oxygen  free  hard copper).  Optional  filtering  elements  are  available  as  described below. Coarse  grade  OFHC  copper  elements  are  standard.  They provide a large surface area for condensing oil vapors. The pure copper surface attracts hydrocarbons due to its high affinity for that type of compound. Coarse  grade  stainless  steel  is  for  applications  where  a copper element is not desirable due to the reactivity of copper with certain chemicals.
Please click the picture above to see detail construction
Attention: Trapping elements should be replaced every 6 months


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