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Precision Mini X-Ray Diffractometer with Software & Laptop Computer for Powder Analysis - EQ-MD-10-LD

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Item Number: EQ-MD-10-LD

EQ-MD-10-LD precision mini XRD integrates the state of art technology in X-ray for powder dffraction. It has the compact size as a microwave oven; however, it performs phase analysis of powders with accuracy and speed comparable to those of full-scale laboratory instruments! And it is offered at a much more competitive price than other larger and heavier competitor. This is the most cost effective solution for R&D and education labs, industrial quality control lab, mobile laboratories for any transportation facility, and it has been used successfully in materials research, geology, ocean studies, ecology, forensic science, and many other applications. 

  • Debye-Scherrer geometry, horizontal sample orientation and spinning sample holder. No goniometry and other precision mechanics to be maintained.
  • Two incident-beam monochromators improve the signal to noise ratio and double the angular range of the detector.
  • Sealed-off curved position-sensitive detector with curvature radius 114 mm and Methane-Argon-Xenon gas filling.
  • Precise 12-bit ADC provides high resolution and angular measurement accuracy.
  • Low power air-cooled X-ray tube with stabilized focus position.
  • High-frequency solid-state single block HV power supply.
  • Compact electronic control and data acquisition system in a single module.
  • Real-time data treatment with included software, and automatically controlled by included laptop computer.
  • Low tube power, radiation protective enclosure and safety interlocks guarantee the safety of operators.
  • Light weight, small dimension, affordable price, and low maintenance cost.
  • One 3" high quality nature Agate mortar and pestle is included for grinding powder sample.                                                          


Input Power
  • 110 / 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • < 80 W power
X-Ray Source
  • High voltage source: 25 kV max (0.01% variation)
  • X-ray tube power: 10 W (0.4 mA at 25 kV)
  • Two incident beam monochromator: Beam 1 for 16° - 71°; Beam 2 for 66° - 121°
  • Anode material: Cu
  • Wavelength: Cu Kα, avg. λ = 1.54178 Å
  • X-ray tube cooling: forced air
  • Sealed-off curved position-sensitive detector. Curvature radius: 114 mm
  • Angular range (2θ): 16° - 121°
  • Angular accuracy (2θ): +/- 0.03°
  • Peak-to-peak resolution (2θ): 0.1°
XRD Sample
  • Sample stage rotation speed: 60 rpm
  • One high purity Al2O3 powder sample included for calibration
  • Five cuvette sample holders are included
  • One 3" high-quality nature Agate mortar and pestle is included for grinding powder sample.
Radiation Protection

  • Front door is installed with thick lead glass, which blocks 100% X-ray radiation
  • Safety interlock installed to shut-down power when door opening
Software Control
  • Control & data analysis software is pre-installed on brand name laptop for real-time powder characterization and immediate use
  • Operating software: Window 8, Window 7
  • The software can be connected with ICCD database (not included) for qualitative XRD profile analysis

  • 560 mm L x 300 mm W x 400 mm H
  • Click the picture to see details
  •  26 kg
Shipping volume
  •  1150 mm L x 1020 mm W x 760 mm H (45" L x 40" W x 30" H)
Shipping weight
  •  68 kg (150 lbs)
  •  One year limited warranty with lifetime support. Extended warranty is available at extra cost      
Operation Instructions

                View product manual    Download  Catalog 

Application Notes
  • Do not place MD-10 near vibration source, or in direct sunlight
  • If temperature varies more than 2 ℃, please redo the calibration
  • Mini XRD characterization of MTI's Al2O3 powder can be downloaded here (See Pic 1)
  • Mini XRD can also be used for single crystal characterization. MTI's LaAlO3 (100) single crystal substrate is successfully measured by Mini XRD and the application note can be downloaded here (See Pic 2)
  • For crystallite size estimation from XRD profile, please download XRD_Scherrer_Calculator (See Pic 3)
  • Pic 1 - Al2O3 powder Pic 2 - LaAlO3 (100) Pic 3 - Scherrer calculator

Standard Package:





 X-ray tube of Cu anode (installed with machine). Spare X-ray tube is available at extra cost   



 Brand new laptop computer installed with windows 7 and all MD-10 softwares and drivers



 Cuvette for holding samples



 Hexahedral screwdrivers 



 (1) MD-10 operating software, and (2) phase identification software (LookPDF) using Powder Diffraction File (PDF) are included in a CD, and pre-installed on the laptop computer
 Please be noted: LookPDF software can be connected to ICDD database. Customer should directly contact ICDD to purchase the powder diffraction database. MTI will  not provide or resell ICDD database

 1 set


 Operation manual and instruction on connecting MD-10 to your computer

 1 set


 Power cable for connecting with power supply



 USB cable for connecting XRD with a laptop computer



 3" high quality nature Agate mortar and pestle for grinding powder sample


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