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Hi-Throughput Precision Pneumatic Disk Cutter with 15 & 19 mm Die for Coin Cell Separator & Electrode - MSK-180SC

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Item Number: MSK-180SC
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MSK-180SC is a gas driven die cutter for cutting coin cell cathode/anode electrodes at 8 pcs per cut. Its compact design enables the operation inside a glove box with Ar atmosphere where moisture/oxygen-sensitive electrodes will be cut (such as lithium metal electrode for Lithium-SulfurLithium Air, and Lithium Solid State batteries). It also is excellent for cutting separator film.

Die Set Dimensions

  •  Two sets of round disk cutting dies are included for immediate use:
    • One 15 mm diameter die for Cathode & Anode electrode cutting
    • One 19 mm diameter die for separator cutting
    • 8 pcs round electrode per cut -- 8 time high speed than conventional dis cutter
  • Customized dies 20 mm diameter is available at extra cost
Plate Pad

  Use the plate pad to hold the electrode and minimize permanent markings on the base.
  •    Warning: please don't use other material to replace the pad
Cutting Depth     Max. 0.5mm (tested with aluminum laminated film)
Cutting Accuracy ±0.1mm
Cutting Pressure Force Max. 1T (recommended pressure force for cutting battery electrodes is 0.5T)
Glove Box Compatibility
  • KF40 Feedthrough with all necessary wire and tube are included to allow operating inside Glove box, which has a KF40 port (Click on the first and second pictures for details)
  • Please use Inert gas when operating in the glove box.
  • One KF-40 Clamp with rubber o-ring is included.
Gas Pressure

0.5~1.0Mpa (0.7Mpa is recommended)
  • For the use inside the glove box, please use compressed inert gas such as Ar.
  • For the use outside the glove box, you may use the air compressor, 60 psi recommended. (Compressor is not included, please click the image on the left to order). And please order 8mm Tube Size to M-Style Air Plug with the air compressor.
Feeding Manually
Stroke Length 12mm
Cutting Die Life Span ~30000 strokes
Compliance CE Certified
No UL required because  no electricity
  • One Year limited warranty with lifetime support. ( cutting die damaged or wearing is not covered )
Operation Manual & Video                        
    • You might order coin cell cases or the split test cell (Pic 1 @ Pic. 2 below )
    • You might order pouch cell cutting die for pouch cell electrodes cutting ( Pic 3)
    • It is good for high-throughput battery research ( Pic 4 ) 
    • Customized dies with Max. area 140mm L x 80mm W, available at extra cost.
    Application Notes

    • If you are going to make CR2016, CR2025 or/and CR2032 coin cell batteries
      • 15mm for cathode and anode
      • 19mm for separator
    • For CR2450 coin cells, a 20mm cutting die can be used for cutting electrode discs and the 24mm cutting die can be used for cutting either electrode discs or separator discs (the 24mm cutting die can be purchased as optional die)
    • Separator discs must be large enough to fully separate the positive and negative electrodes to avoid short-circuit inside the coin cells
    • Warning: You must pay great attention to install die or change die from one size to another. The tolerance of precision die is very little. Please contact us if you have any question.
    • Misalignment will result die damage. Please read operation manual and watch instruction video carefully when changing die.  MTI is not responsible for the damage caused by misoperation.  Strongly suggest with buy the several cutters with pre-installed die

    Product Dimensions
       370mm(L) x 250mm(W) x 245mm(H)
    Net Weight 32 kg
    Shipping Weight & Dimensions 200 lbs; 22" x 18" x 18"

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