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Solid-state Li-Ion battery has become an important focus on the research due to higher safety, higher energy density and wider operating temperature compared to the commercial lithium ion battery with liquid organic electrolyte.
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 MTI provides the total solution for solid Li-ion battery from raw chemicals to equipment.  Please click picture below to find what you need

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 Raw Chemicals
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  Al2O3        La2AlO3        Li2CO3       MoS2        Nb2O5       Ge Nanopowder     P3N5    Si  Nanopowder

  Ta2O5             T iO2                    ZrO2               Li-Ion Cathode Powder      Li-Ion Anode Powder  

 Compound Preparation                                                          
    Crushing & Ball Milling       Calcine & Sintering        Hot Press & SPS               Powder XRD
 Solid Electrolyte Disc for Coin Cell by pressing                                                     3" -15" Polishing machines              
 CIP & Dry Pressing         Sintering          Hot Press & SPS                 Grinding & Polishing         Diamond Wire Section
 Solid Polymer Electrolyte sheet                                                               
   Slurry Mixing                  Tape Casting                     Hot- Rolling                Lamination Hot Press 

 Solid-state electrolyte development   Using ALD to significant decrease the high solid–solid interfacial impedance between the garnet electrolyte and electrode materials.        

Related Article:  Negating interfacial impedance in garnet-based solid-state Li metal batteries
Separator development Using Electrospinning to fabricate a novel “smart” nonwoven electrospun separator for effectively suppressing the combustion of the highly flammable electrolytes.

Related Article:  Electrospun core-shell microfiber separator with thermal-triggered flame-retardant properties for lithium-ion batteries
 Coin Test Cells Assembling

   Compressing Cell             Split Test Cells        Disc Electrode Cutter    Expansion measuring          Jig & Pressure monitoring

 Pouch Type Cell Assembling                                             
  Split Test Pouch Cell                      Electrode Die Cutter              Pouch Cell Sealer
  Battery Analysis
 Ceramic Ion Conductive  Electrolyte Powder & Sheet

                                                      ITO Coated Plastic Film     
 Ion Conductive Powder     Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5P3O12           Li2Al2SiP2TiO13               ITO Coated Plastic Film

(Please call us if you can supply any new solid electrolyte )

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