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500°C 53L Vacuum Oven (16x13x14" ) With Gas Flow-meter, Chiller & Vacuum System - (NRTL Ready ) - DZF-6050-HT

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UL/CSA/CE Certifications:


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The DZF-6050-HT is CE certified and UL/CSA Standard oven. This oven is using an advanced temperature controller which comes with a RS485 computer communication port and is able to be computerized. Also it can be heated up to 500°C and able to hold the temperature for long period with the support of compact chilling water recirculating system. A 500-5000ml flow meter is installed in the front panel for user to simply control and create a gas environment in the chamber. All necessary accessories are in the package including vacuum pump, chiller, fittings, hoses, etc.  (Updated to UL Ready Version from 10/20/2015)

Voltage 208 -240VAC 50/60HZ (Power cable is included w/o plug)
Power 2200W
Heating Temp Continuous:   50~400°C
<= 1 hour for staying at 500°C
Temperature Controller

  • 30 segments programmable
  • Built-in over-temperature protection
  • +/- 5°C accuracy
  • Temperature uniformity: +/-5°C @ 100°C, 25" Hg at center 8"x7" area only 
  • Built in RS485 communication port is installed for PC connection.  Please order PC software(EQ-MTS02) and communication chip for  PC control function at extra cost .(Please click picture to review specs and order seperately)
  • Recommended Heating Rate:
    • 10 ºC/min: 0ºC - 100ºC
    • 7 ºC/min: 100ºC - 200ºC
    • 7 ºC/min: 200ºC - 300ºC
    • 3.5 ºC/min: 300ºC - 400ºC
    • 2.3 ºC/min: 400ºC - 450ºC
    • 0.4 ºC/min: 450ºC - 480ºC
    • 0.2 ºC/min: 480ºC - 500ºC
Chamber and Door

  • Chamber dimensions: 415 mm x 345 mm x 370 mm  ( 16.3 x 13.5 x 14.5",  53 Liter )
  • The chamber is structured with stainless steel and welded with bracing pieces.
  • Aluminium Plate with thermal insulation
  • Silicone door gasket and positive latch door ensure the good sealing
  • 2 stainless steel shelves are included to facilitate processing efficiency.
  • The water cooling jacket is built inside the oven door flange to keep silicone O-ring temperature below 200oC when oven temperature higher 
Water Cooling
Gas flowing/purging

  • A precise flow meter is installed in the front panel which ranges from 500 ~ 5000ml/min. 
  • The gas is able to be continuously flowing into the chamber at a constant flow rate defined by user during operation.
  • The oven can be purged by inert gas before operation.
Fittings & Connectors

  • One KF25D vacuum port is used for quick connection to vacuum pump. 
  • Two water/coolant inlets connect the chiller. (tubes are included)
  • One 1/4" Swagelok tube fitting is for inert gas supply.
  • One needle valve is used to control the input gas.
Vacuum Pump
vacuum pump
Dimensions & Weight 48" x 40" x 42"; 420 lbs
Certification for Oven
(Except pump and chiller )
    Please select the certificate in option bar:
    • CE Certificate & UL/CSA ready: CE approval, ready to pass UL/CSA certifcate at extra cost.
    • UL Certificate -  UL approval (UL 61010).
    Operation Instructions            
    Application Notes

    Please note that it's normal the SS chamber wall will be slightly deformed and loose its shine at high temperature. However, this won't affect the use of the oven since the sample will be placed on a shelf and won't have contact with the chamber wall.

    Note: It is normal that the stainless steel chamber interior loses its shine due the 500C high-temperature testing.

    High temp. Vacuum oven (16x13x14", 53 L, 500°C) 1
    Digital Temperature Controlled Recirculating Water Chiller with 6 Liters Tank, 16L / min Flow - EQ-KJ5000 1
    Ø12mm Polyurethane tube
    Stainless steel shelves 
    -6050-HT-5 Power cord
     Dual stage vacuum pump with Exhaust Filter,
     KF-D25 Flexible Stainless Steel Vacuum Hose ( Bellows ), 1 meter
     Two sets of KF-25 Quick Clamp with Rubber O-Ring
    1 set

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