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Precision Temperature Controlled Hi-Vacuum Thermal Evaporating Coater - GSL-1700X-SPC-2

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Vacuum Pump:


GSL-1700X-SPC-2 is a compact thermal evaporating coater with precision and programmable temperature control, which is suitable for coating most of metallic and organic materials film up to 2" size from 200 ºC to 1500 ºC (or 200 ºC - 1700 ºC with an optional B-type thermocouple). A rotatable sample holder is built in to allow uniform film coating.

Structure & Features
  • 6" OD x 10”H quartz chamber for easy cleaning and sample loading
  • 2" Dia rotatable sample holder for uniform film coating
  • Tungsten coil heater and alumina crucible for high-temperature coating up to 1700 ºC
  • Precision temperature control with 30 programmable segments and +/- 1 ºC accuracy
  • High vacuum can be achieved up to 1.0E-5 Torr via optional turbopump
  • Gas flow port and valve are built in for chamber purge and CVD possibility
Input Power
  • Input voltage:  208 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Input Power: 500 W
  • Output Power: 40 A max current. Recommended working current <20 A
  • Power cable included without the plug
Temperature Control & Heaters

  • Tungsten coil heater with a thermocouple is built in at the bottom of alumina crucible (for temperature control (PIC. 1). Please refer to the left picture for dimensions
    • Standard S type thermocouple (included and installed) - heating from 200 ºC1500 ºC (PIC. 2)
    • Optional B-type thermocouple (at extra cost) - heating from 200 ºC - 1700 ºC
  • One digital temperature controller with 30 programmable segments and +/- 1 ºC accuracy (PIC. 3)
  • The time settings of temperature controller are in seconds. Recommend to limit the temperature heating / cooling rate to 0.3 ºC/s (or 20 ºC/min) below 1200 ºC, and limit to 0.15 ºC/s (or 10 ºC/min) from 1200 - 1700 ºC
  • For continuous heating above 1300 ºC, please limit the operation time to less than 1 hour to preserve the service life of bottom flange O-ring
  • For fast coating up to 2000 °C, such as needed in Carbon coating, the user can remove thermocouple, alumina thermal block, and alumina crucible, load evaporation material directly into the tungsten coil heater, and use current manual control mode (PIC. 4)
  • Four alumina crucibles (up to 1700 ºC) and two tungsten coil heaters are included. Please refer to the Optional section for ordering spare parts
                       PIC 1                          
PIC 2                                  PIC 3                               PIC 4                         PIC 5               
Sample Holder
  • One 50 mm Dia. rotatable sample stage and its shutter are installed on top flange.
  • Rotating speed: 5 rpm
  • The distance from the sample holder to evaporation source is adjustable from 40 mm to 85 mm
  • Please click here to learn how to adjust the position of the sample stage.
Film Thickness Monitor (optional)
  • Precision quartz thickness sensor is optional, please click pic.1 & 2 for details. It can be built into the chamber to provide instant film thickness monitoring with accuracy of 0.10 Å. LED Display Unit outside the chamber can:
      • Input coating material info based on the included database
      • Display total coating thickness and coating speed
  • Precision Thin Film & Coating Analysis Systems - EQ-TFMS-LD is available at extra cost, please click pic.2 for details
           Pic.1               Pic.2                 Pic.3

  • KF25 vacuum port is installed to connect to a vacuum pump
  • The highest vacuum may reach <4.0E-6 Torr by pumping overnight with optional Turbomolecular pump
  • A vacuum pump is required for coating. Please choose from the following Product Options
Gas Inlet
  • 1/4 tube fitting is built in for chamber purge or forming gas processing
  • One needle valve is built-in to control gas flowing rate
  • Extra alumina crucible and tungsten coil heater can be ordered at MTI at extra cost (Click the pictures below)
  • Total 4 evaporating sources crucibles could be used to deposit multiple different materials to grow multilayers one by one in the same chamber atmosphere.
Overall dimension

Quartz Chamber Dimension

I.D.: 150mm
Length: 250mm
Please click here to order the Quartz Chamber replacement.
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Net Weight
  • 50 kg 
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 130 lbs, 40" x 30" x 32"
Operation Video & Instructions
Application Notes

  • To achieve the high vacuum required for the evaporation of some materials, user can
    • Check the chamber, O-ring, and flange for any particle, fiber, or scratch. Use lint free tissue wetted with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to wipe clean the surface
    • Use heater tape to bake the chamber at 150 ºC and pre-heat the coil heater and crucible at 500 ºC while pumping with the optional turbo pump for at least 2 hours
    • Pump the chamber overnight without heating if a vacuum higher than 1.0E-5 Torr is needed
  • The coater can be placed into an Ar or N2 gas glove box for thermal evaporation of humility & oxygen sensitive materials, such as Li metal. Click the left picture for a demo in MTI's VGB-6OP glove box
  • DO NOT start the heating program or manually ramp up the current without an enclosed chamber and a vacuum!
  • DO NOT release the vacuum or stop pumping when the coater is in evaporation operation! During the heater cool down, stop pumping or release the vacuum ONLY when the temperature is decreased below 100 ºC!

Standard Package
Item No.
Pic Quantity
Quartz chamber 6" OD (OD = 152 mm, L = 250 mm)


Alumina outer crucible set (lid, thermal block, bottom crucible)

Alumina cone-shaped crucible (OD = 19.6 mm, L = 24.0 mm)
Anti-corrosive capacitance diaphragm gauge & controller with power supply, up to 3.8E-5 Torr
Tungsten coil heater, 1 mm wire diameter                                                                                                          
B type thermocouple (at extra cost) - heating from 200 ºC - 1700 ºC
Tee flange for secure vacuum connection

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