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2" High Vacuum Magnetron Sputter Source with Flexible Head & Quick Connector - HVMSS-SPC-2F

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Item Number: HVMSS2F

The HVMSS-SPC-2 is a 2" diam. circular magnetron sputtering gun which can accommodate a wide range of sputtering targets, such as metallic/insulating or magnetic/non-magnetic. The circular rare-earth NdFeB permanent magnet is implemented to ensure excellent film uniformity and target utilization. Such a sputtering gun is easy to operate and maintain. Installation is straight forward and it can be operated with either DC or RF power supply.


  • The sputtering head can be tilted +/- 25 degrees for adjusting the incidence angle of bombardments to improve the sputtering yield. 
  • Made of high-quality materials of stainless steel and ceramics. 
  • Electromagnetic finite element calculations are used in the design of the permanent magnetic assembly to achieve high field strength and uniform field profile. 
  • The magnet is coated with protective material against cooling water corrosion to maximize durability.
  • Standard RF connector, which matches with a wide range of DC and RF sputtering power supplies.
  • The low impedance sputtering heads are easily interfaceable with an external power supply.
  • Easy to install a standard fitting with included quick connector
  • 2" Copper Backing Plate  (EQ-CBP-2) is included.
  • Target replacement is easy and no need to adjust the gun to fit targets with different height.
Power Requirement
  • DC (Max.) 500 W
  • RF (Max.)  300 W
Electrical Connection Type

  • Standard SL16 cable Connector   ( Pic.1 )
  • Optional 148 cm RF cable with SL6 connector (click Pic. 2 to order)
          Pic.1                                     Pic.2
Sputtering Current (Max.) 5 Amp
Sputtering Voltage 200-1000 V
Sputtering Pressure 1-1000 mTorr

Sputtering Uniformity Curve
  • Anode Shield Diameter: 86mm

Sputtering Target
  • Diameter:                         2.0" (50.8mm), 
  • Thickness:                       up to 1/4" for non-magnetic target; up  to 1/16" for magnetic target
  • Utilization:                        up to 30%
  • Magnet:                            NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet

Cooling Water Requirement
  • Flow Rate:                         0.8 GPM, filtered
  • Water Inlet Temperature:     <20 C
  • Water tubing:                     6mm quick disconnect.
  • Feedthrough:                      3/4"
Net Weight 3.5 lbs

  • High vacuum Quick connector with 0.75" ID is included. Use this component to install the sputtering source onto the baseplate (up to 1” thick) of a vacuum chamber with 1” diameter through-hole at easy ( click pic below left to see detail )
  • 6" CF flange with a high vacuum feedthrough is available upon request at extra cost. The sputtering head can be easily installed on the 6'' CF vacuum flange through the quick disconnector. The height position of the sputtering gun can be manually adjusted inside the vacuum chamber.   ( Pls click Pic below 3 &4  to see detail )
  • Digital Temperature Controlled circulating Water Chiller with 6 Liters Tank, 16L / min Flow is available at extra cost, please click the picture below right to order.
Operation Instructions                                            
Warranty One year limited with lifetime support
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Item No.
2" Magnetron Sputter Source
2" Copper Backing Plate
High Vacuum Feedthrough (Quick Connector)
Optional Part
Push-to-connect fitting
(Please inform us the tube size of your water chiller, we can prepare the fitting for you.)
High Conductive Silver Epoxy for Target Bonding

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