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Compact 2" Magnetron Sputtering Coater w/ Selectable DC or RF Power Source for Glovebox - VTC-STX-XX

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Power Source:

VTC-STX-XX  is a 2" single head plasma magnetron sputtering coater with selectable DC, RF, or both power sources for coating all kinds of thin-film materials.
The coating chamber is separated from the power source.  It is suitable for operation inside the Ar gas glovebox.

Input Power
  • 220 VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
  • 800 W  (including pump)
  • If the voltage is 110 VAC, a 1000 W transformer is required, please click the left picture to order
Source Power

There are two kinds of power sources is selectable from the product option
  1. 13.5 MHz, 300 W RF Generator with automatic matching function which is  for coating nonmetallic or semiconducting  material (click picture left to see specs)
  2. 500W DC sputtering power source, which is for coating metallic materials (click picture  right to see  specs)
  3. You may order both power sources forcoating  all types of materials
 RF power source              DC Power source optional

Magnetron Sputtering Head

  • One 2" Magnetron Sputtering Heads with water cooling jackets are included and inserted into quartz chamber via a quick clamp (Click Pic.1 to see detailed specs)
  • One shutter is built on the flange (manually operated) - Pic. 2
  • One 16 L/min digitally controlled recirculation water chiller is required  for cooling magnetron sputtering heads (Click Pic. right 3 to order if you don't have one)
  • 148 cm RF cable is included (Click Pic.4)
               Pic. 1    Pic. 2    Pic. 3    Pic. 4

Sputtering Target

Vacuum Chamber

  • Vacuum Chamber: 160 mm OD x 150 mm ID x  250 mm Height. made of high purity quartz
  • Sealing Flange: 165 mm Dia. made of Aluminum with high-temperature silicone O-ring
  • The stainless steel mesh cover is included for 100% shielding RF radiation from the chamber
  • Vacuum level: 1.0E-2 Torr with included dual-stage mechanical pump and 1.0E-5 Torr with optional turbopump

Sample Holder

  • The sample holder is rotatable and heat-able made of a ceramic heater with stainless steel cover
  • The sample holder size: 50 mm Dia. for 2" wafer max
  • Rotation speed is adjustable: 1 - 10 rpm for uniform coating
  • 500ºC heating sample holder is available upon request upon request at the extra cost.
Vacuum Pump Station

  • KF25 Vacuum port is built-in for connecting to a vacuum pump.
  • A vacuum pump with a KF25 adaptor is required, but not included. Please click pic 1-2 to order separately.
  • Vacuum level: 1.0E-2 Torr with dual-stage mechanical pump and  1.0E-5 Torr with the turbopump
  • The 1 PPm ga purification system may be used to replace the turbopump to get a more clean chamber.
          Pic. 1       Pic. 2    

  • A precision quartz thickness sensor is optional,  (click Pic1-2  below to order ),  which can be built into the chamber to monitor coating thickness with the accuracy of 0.10 Å.  The laptop is required for display thickness corve
  •  If you plan to use the coater inside the glovebox, Please order KF40 feedthrough to connect the power source, water chiller, and vacuum pump in the outside glovebox. Pic. 3-4)
  •        Pic. 1   Pic. 2 Pic。 3Pic. 4

Overall Dimensions

L 360 x 300 x 615 mm   (Click the picture below to see details)

Net Weight

  • 70 kg

Warranty & Compliance

  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • CE certified
  • NRTL certification is NOT available temporarily.

Demo Video

Application Notes

  • This compact 2" RF magnetron sputtering coater is designed for coating oxide thin films on oxide single crystal substrates, which usually does not need a high vacuum set-up
  • Please use > 5N purity Ar gas for plasma sputtering
  • For the best film-substrate adhesion strength, please clean the substrate surface before coating:
  • Ultrasonic cleaning (Click Pic #1 to order) with the following sequential baths - (1) acetone, (2) isopropyl alcohol - to remove oil and grease. Blow-dry the substrate with N2, then hot bake in a vacuum to remove moisture
  • Plasma cleaning (Click Pic #2 to order) may be needed for surface chemical bonds activation or additional contamination removal
  • For the best performance, the non-conductive targets must be installed with a copper backing plate. Please refer to the instruction video below (#3) for target bonding
  • MTI uses the Coaters have successfully coated ZnO on Al2O3 substrate at 500 °C (XRD profile in Pic #5)
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