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300 mL Ni-Based Super-Alloy High Pressure Hydro-Thermal Reactor 1100 °C - GSL-1100X-RC-NI300

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Item Number: GSL-1100X-RC-NI300


GSL-1100X-RC-NI300 is a 300 mL reactor made of Ni-based Superalloy, which has excellent creep strength and anti-oxidation. It can reach 1100 °C with a pressure up to 3 MPa under oxygen or inert gasses. It is an ideal tool for preparing advanced material by the hydrothermal method, especially for heat treatment of sample under high oxygen pressure. A solenoid valve is installed on the flange for automatic pressure relief control. Temperature control and pressure monitoring software are included for remote control. 
  • Reactor made of Ni-based superalloy, which allows high pressure at high temperature (up to 3 MPa at 1100 °C)
  • Over-temperature alarm and interlock are installed for safe operation
  • Over-pressure alarm is installed. A solenoid valve is installed for automatic pressure relief
  • Temperature control and pressure monitoring software are included for remote control
  • Please click drawing left to see detail structure
  • Warning #1: For your safety, never face on top flange without protective wear. 
  • Warning #2: The high-pressure vessel and furnace must be placed inside an explosive-proof box or case during using under high pressure. (Please check the images below for some idea. Customized proof is available upon request)
Input Power
  • Input voltage: 208 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • 1.5 kW power
Pressure Vessel
  • Ni-based superalloy hydrothermal reactor with 300 mL capacity. Attention: Processing vessel is consumable, you can click the left picture to order replacement or a spare one
  • Made of Ni-based superalloy GH747 (Click to download GH747 nickel based alloy datasheet)
  • Reactor size: 70 mm OD x 35 mm ID x 326 mm H
  • Air cooled flange via aluminum heat radiator
  • A small quartz or alumina boat should be used to load the sample inside the reactor, which increases vessel service life
  • Gold or Ni foil can be used to wrap the crucible boat to minimize contamination to the vessel
  • It is customer responsibility to find suitable liner for different material for hydrotheral crystal growth.
  • Optional torque wrench is available to avoid overtightening the flange bolts
Working Pressure
  • 18 MPa            ≤ 800 °C
  • 13 MPa            ≤ 900 °C
  • 8 MPa              ≤ 1000 °C
  • 3 MPa              ≤ 1100 °C
Pressure Monitoring and Relief
  • Precision high pressure sensor (measurement range up to 25 MPa, or 250 bar) is installed on the pressure vessel. The pressure monitor displays pressure in bar
  • Pressure monitor allows the user to set a high pressure alarm. When the pressure reaches the alarm set point (15 MPa max), alarm will sound and the pressure will be released via a solenoid valve on the flange. For using the reactor with a pressure > 15 MPa at low temperature, please shut off the needle valve near the solenoid valve and use the manual pressure relief valve
Temperature Control & Heater   
  • Working temperature: 1100 °C max (< 1 hour). Continuous working temperature: ≤ 1000 °C
  • Heating/cooling rates: ≤ 10 °C/min
  • Heating zone length: 330 mm
  • Constant temperature zone: 80 mm within +/- 1 °C
  • Heating element: Fe-Cr-Al alloy
  • Thermocouple: K-type (Omega 3 mm OD K Type with high-temperature tolerance (220°C) connector)
  • One digital temperature controller with 30 programmable segments and +/- 1 ºC accuracy 
PC Control (optional)
  • MTS-02 control software is available for real-time controlling and monitoring temperature and pressure by a computer. 
  • SS316 needle valve with 1/4 pipe connector & pressure gauge are included
  • Two consumable Copper Gasket (63 mm OD) are included (Click the left picture to order extra)
  • 340 mm W x 320 mm D x 820 mm H
Net Weight
  • 35 kg
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operation Instructions
Application Notes
  • The recommended temperature heating/cooling rate is 5~10 ºC/min
  • DO NOT over tighten the flange screws as this may cause permanent damage to the flange or screws. Please refer to the instruction about proper torque for installing CF flange bolts. We recommend you to use a torque wrench to tighten the screws with the flange
  • DO NOT use the pressure relief solenoid vent the vessel! It could contaminate the valve and impact its service life. Always use the manual pressure relief valve for venting
  • Warning:   For your safety,  the high-pressure vessel must be placed inside an explosive-proof box or case during using under high pressure.  Never face on top flange without protection to avoid the accident.  
  • Please click picture and drawing below left  to see detail structure, and click pic right to order an Explosion-Proof Box 


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