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3 Rotary Target Plasma Sputtering Coater Including 3 Targets - VTC-16-3HD-LD

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VTC-16-3HD-LD is a compact three rotary target plasma sputtering coater with a touch screen digital controller, and a substrate heater capable of heating up to 500 °C. It can coat 1- 3 types of metallic materials to sample with a diameter up to 50 mm. Three sputtering targets: gold, silver, and copper are included for immediate use.


Input Power
  • Single-phase 220 VAC, 50 / 60Hz
  • 700 W (not including vacuum pump)
  • For using under 110 VAC, a 1500W transformer will be needed.
Output Power
  • 1600 VDC
  • 40 mA max
Vacuum Chamber

Sample Stage with Heater
  • Stage size: 50 mm Dia.
  • Sputtering distance range: 25 – 40 mm adjustable
  • Rotatable stage with three sputtering positions (controlled by the touch screen)
  • The Optional Substrate heater has a maximum heating temperature of 500 °C
  • PID temperature controller with +/- 1 °C accuracy is integrated into the touch screen
Control Panel

  • 6” color touch screen with PLC integration for easy operation
  • The vacuum gauge, sputtering current meter, and substrate temperature control are integrated to the touch screen panel
  • Adjustment knobs on the front panel for gas intake and sputtering current control
  • Sputtering position, sputtering timer, and process logging are accessible from the touch screen

  • Stainless steel shield cage is included for extra protection
Sputtering Targets

  • Target size requirements: 47 mm Dia. x 2.5 mm max
  • Three targets are included in the standard package for immediate use:
    • Please click here to see recommended coating parameters for Au & Cu Target
  • Various targets are available to order at MTI
Vacuum Pump

  • Built-in KF25 vacuum port for connecting to a vacuum pump (Pic #1)
  • A vacuum pump with a KF25 connector is required, but not included. User may choose
  • The vacuum pump can be plugged into the power outlet on the left of the coater for automatic control         
  •     440 mm L × 330 mm W × 455 mm H
Net Weight
  • 50 kg
Operation Instructions
  • CE approval
  • NRTL certification is NOT available temporary.
  • One year limited with lifetime support
Application Notes
  • For the best film-substrate adhesion strength, please clean the substrate surface before coating:
    • Ultrasonic cleaning (Click the picture below to order) with the following sequential baths - (1) acetone, (2) isopropyl alcohol - to remove oil and grease. Blow dry the substrate with N2, then hot bake in a vacuum to remove absorbed moisture
    • Plasma cleaning (Click the picture below to order) may be needed for surface roughening, surface chemical bonds activation, or additional contamination removal
    • A thin buffer layer (~5 nm), such as Cr, Ti, Mo, Ta, could be applied to improve the adhesion of metals and alloys
  • A two-stage pressure regulator (not included) should be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the output pressure of the gas to below 0.02 MPa for safe usage. Please use > 5N purity Ar gas for plasma sputtering
  • HIGH VOLTAGE! Sputtering heads connect to high voltage. For safety, the operator must shut down the equipment before sample loading and target changing operations
  • This model is not suitable for coating light metallic materials such as Al, Mg, Zn, Ni, etc. due to its low energy. Please consider our magnetron sputtering coater or thermal evaporation coater. Click the pictures below for detail
           Ultrasonic Cleaner                Plasma Cleaner
                  Magnetron Sputtering             Thermal  Evaporation       

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