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Swingable Dual Heating-zone High Pressure Furnace -10 MPa @ 1200°C for GaN Crystal Growth - CM-HIP-2-II

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Item Number: CM-HIP-2-II
CM-HIP-2-II is a swingable dual heating-zone, high-pressure furnace up to 10 MPa @ 1200°C.  It is designed especially for crystal growth, such as flux method, ammonia-thermal method, or LPE for GaN or YIG. It can also be used as a conventional HIP furnace. 

 Furnace Structure

  • The furnace chamber is made of stainless steel (SS304) with water cooling
  • Max. pressure 10 MPa @1200ºC
  • Swingable drive by a gear motor.
  • Two heating zones of 80 mm ID x 120 mm H each, separated by a ceramic plate (300 mm thick).
  • One explosive-proof steel cover is included. The furnace can be slid into the box for safe operation
  • The mobile cart is included for easy moving
  • Patented #: 201510417026.0.   
  Furnace Chamber

  • The furnace Chamber is made of SS304 steel with a water cooling jacket.
    • Ø310 × Ø205 × H250 mm
  • One digital high-pressure transmitter is included.
  • Two water-cooled high-pressure electric feedthrough are built into the chamber for resistance heating
  • G1/4 gas inlet and outlet with high-pressure needle valves are included  (Pic 1)
  • The mechanical pressure relief valve is installed      (Pic 2)
  • One KJ6200 water chiller is included  (Pic 3)
  • The chamber is swingable ±15 degrees by a gear motor to make a uniform melting flux. 
   Heating Zone

  • Mo or Ni-Cr-Al resistance wire is used as heating element heating with moly reflection plates
  • Two heating zones with the dimension below:
    • Inside Diameter:            80 mm
    • Length:                          130 mm
  • Max. Working Temperature:        1200ºC  max.   at  10 MPa                                                   
  • Heating Rate:  5 ºC/min
  • Optional:       The furnace can be upgraded 1500°C at the extra cost
 Temperature Control

  • Two Eurotherm 3000 series temperature controllers are installed to control two heating zones independently.
  • Single loop, 24 temperature segments for ramping, cooling, and dwelling.
  • Temperature fluctuation:  ±0.1ºC
  • RS485 port is built-in for PC operation
  • Operation software is included for remote control
  • Brand new laptop with the pre-installed software is available upon request.
 Vacuum Level
  • The furnace also can be used as a vacuum furnace with an optional vacuum pump
    • Double stage mechanical pump can reach 10E-2 torr
    • Turbopump can reach 10E-5 torr
      Dimension & Weight  @  350 kg weight
    • 208 - 240VAC,  50-60 Hz
    • 10 KW Max.
    • CE Certified
    • The furnace is ready to pass NRTL(UL61010)  or CSA certification at extra cost. 
    • One-year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
     Demo Video     
    Application Note
    • The furnace can be used as a HIP furnace to treat samples up to 200 mm L x 3" Dia.
    • The furnace can be used for GaN single crystal growth by  flux and ammonia-thermal method

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