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Automatic Temperature Distribution Measurement System for MTI Tube Furnaces - CWF-1

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Item Number: CWF-1

CWF-1 is an automatic temperature measurement system that can be used to measure the actual temperature field distribution curve of MTI tube furnaces to obtain the temperature field parameters such as the length of the constant temperature & hot zone, the temperature gradient and so on. The device is equipped with a variety of thermocouple interface for K-type, S-type, and B-type TCs. The thermocouple is placed on a tripod, inserted into the furnace tube, driven by a tripod roller to accurately gather the temperature data for a defined length. The PLC touch screen control provides an easy setup for the temperature measurement interval distance, interval time, point number and other parameters. The temperature curve can be displayed in real time and the data can be exported as the Excel spreadsheet.



  • System composed of two parts: height adjustable tripod with TC roller and temperature measurement station
  • The device is equipped with multiple thermocouple interfaces for the different connection of thermocouples: K-type, S-type, and B-type. (Note: The thermocouples are not included in the standard, please contact us for more information.)
  • The thermocouple is placed on a tripod and moved accurately by a tripod roller to measure the temperature at the various points that inside the temperature field of the furnace.
  • PLC touch screen control, easy to operate, temperature measurement interval distance, time, and temperature point can be set.
  • The temperature curve is displayed in real time and the data can be exported in Excel tabular form.
Thermocouple (Optional) 

  • Thermocouple compatibility: K-type, S-type, B-type
  • Commonly used thermocouple length is 1m. (Customized TC is available upon request, please contact us for more information)
  • Tripod with TC roller, it can drive the thermocouple to move accurately.
  • Height: 60-160cm adjustable to fulfill the height requirement of all different types of tube furnaces. 
PLC Screen Controller

PLC touch screen control:
  • Temperature measurement interval distance: 5mm minimum
  • Temperature measurement time interval: 10s ~ 60mins
(For example: If the setting is 5min, the thermocouple temperature measurement is at the temperature measuring point, it stays for 4min58s, and it takes 2s for data recording. After that, the roller moves the thermocouple to the next measurement field, it will do the same process until the program end.)
  • Number of temperature measurement points: 1 ~ 9999
(According to the length of each tube and the distance between the heating zone, the temperature measurement point can be determine and separate by your own requirement.)
  • The temperature curve is displayed in real time and the data can be exported in Excel tabular form.
Certification CE Certified
Dimensions Dimension of Controller Box: 330mm L x 240mm W x 200mm H

Weight ~ 8kg
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support

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