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Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) for Li-ion Battery Anode 100g/bottle - EQ-Lib-CMC

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Battery grade CMC is used as a thickening agent and anti-precipitant when preparing anode of Li-ion battery.
Technical Specifications
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Purity: ≥ 99.5%
  • Average substitution degree of 75%. 
  • Viscosity: 1% aqueous solution, Brookfield (DV-E), 30rpm. The CMC with two viscosity is available: [High:3500-5500 mPa·s] and [Low:1900-2200 mPa·s].
  • Mesh Size: 200, >85%  
  • Apparent Density 0.35 0.60 g/ml
  • Drying Shrinkage ≤8%
  • Mw: 400,000 g/mol
  • PH     6.0-8.5  
  • Degree of Substituon (D.S)0.85 for the CMC with viscosity of 3500-5500 cps, while 0.90 for the CMC with viscosity of 1900-2200 cps. 
  • Chloride ≤0.5%
  •  Safety Data Sheet   
  • The product should be stored in a dry and cooling place with good ventilation
  • Storage temperature ≤ 35℃

Application Notes

  1. Please click to see Procedure for Preparing Anode & Cathode Electrode Slurry.
  2. Please keep the powder in a vacuum box to avoid moisture.

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