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4 Channel Battery Analyzer (50V,10A) with Laptop - BST8-4C10A50V

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Item Number: BST8C4A10V50
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BST8-4C10A50V is a CE certified 4 channel battery analyzing system for Li-ion, LiFePO3, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, and Lead-acid battery packs with up to 50V and 10A per channel. This battery analyzer is designed according to the international standard: each channel has an independent constant-current source and a hardware constant-voltage source. Constant-current source and constant-voltage source can be programmed and controlled by the user. In addition, an independent pulse source is added to each battery channel to meet the requirements of dynamic internal resistance measurement. BST8-4C10A50V battery analyzer is installed in a heavy-duty  steel casing with four mobile wheels for easy moving. A brand new Laptop computer with Windows 10 and operation software is included for immediate use.

Working Voltage 208 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz, Single phase
Max. Power Consumption 3000 W
Voltage measurement
  • Range: 1.2 - 50 V
  • Accuracy: +/- (0.1% of reading + 0.05% of range)
Current measurement
  • Range: 0.2 - 10 A
  • Accuracy: +/- (0.2% of reading + 0.1% of range)
Sampling Rate 5 - 999 seconds
Input Impedance ≥ 10 m-ohm
  • Four independent programmable channels
  • Each channel can set different working modes and works independently
  • Windows-based software interface for easy operation
  • Uses standard SQL database management
  • Real-time monitoring windows and integrated graph/data windows
  • can set various working modes for measuring capacity and cycle life of all types of rechargeable batteries, such as:
    • constant current discharge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge, rest, as well as voltage, current, time, capability, negative voltage slope, and other limit conditions
  • The user can define the curve by different types such as voltage-time curve, current-time curve, capacity-voltage curve, loop times charge/discharge capacity curve, loop times charge/ discharge efficiency curve, etc. to make curves be compared both by visually and statistically
  • Provide timely instructions, warnings, and intelligent support
  • MS Excel 2013 is pre-installed for you to output the Excel data file.
  • Complete test process record (log function)
  • Intelligent power failure protection:
    • If power fails during the testing, the system will shutdown all running channels. Once power recovers, it will automatically resume those stopped channels and ensure that the test is normally conducted and the data will never lose any cases.
Laptop Computer
   WiFi Option
  • Brand new laptop with MS Window 8 and latest version testing software are installed and calibrated for immediate use
  • MS Excel 2013 30 days free trial is pre-installed for you to output the Excel data file. (Note: Updated information on 08/07/2015)
  • Upto 20 sets of analyzers can be simultaneously controlled by one PC
  • Notice: It is suggested to use an external hard drive to keep an instant back up of the collected data
  • Upgrade the battery tester with a remote wireless control which provides upto 300 meters operating range. Such a great feature is available upon request at the extra cost (add $195)
Battery Holder Alligator clips with cable
Product Dimensions 525mm(L) x 485mm(W) x 385mm(H)
  • CE Certified
  • MET or UL certification is available upon request at extra cost
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support for the battery analyzer. (Note: MTI does not carry warranty for the Laptops. In case service is needed for the laptops, please contact laptop manufacturer directly for warranty/warranty service.)
Operation Manual
Application Notes
  • Please clicks here for safety precautions of operating battery analyzers
  • Warning: Please in choose NEVER for Screen and Sleep off in Power& Sleep setting of your computer, or it may lose connection from battery analyzer.
  • Battery Pack measurable:
Battery Pack Voltage @10A max
Li-Ion 3.7V - 37V
NiMH/NiCD 1.2V - 36V
Lead Acid 2V - 48V
Net Weight 45 kg (100 lbs)

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