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Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Pellet Pressing Die optional 12 /15 / 20 mm I.D. for Hot Pressing up to 1050C - DIE-SiN-XX

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Inside diameter:

DIE-SiN-XX is the dry pressing die made of silicon nitride (Si3N4) with a pressure of 150MPa max. and  the working temperature of 1000°C Max


 Material  Made of high purity machinable alumina

The whole set  die includes
  • One sleeve dies with 30 mm O.D x  40mm H   with option ID and pushing rod
    • 12 mm dia. ID  ( usually in stock )
    • 15 mm dia   ID  ( Build to order )
    • 20 mm dia.  ID   ( Build to order )
  • One short bottom rod is included
  • One Sample Release Rod made of Steel
  • One Sample Release Sleeve made of Steel
  • Max. Working temperature and Max. pressure
    • 1050ºC in the air:  ( 60 MPa)   ( 678 Kg)
    • 1000ºC in the air (100 MPa max, 1.10 Metric Ton)
    • 800ºC in the air (150 MPa max, 1.70 Metric Ton)
  • Two support alumina rods for top and bottom are available at extra cost ($600 per pair)
  • The alumina die is designed for YLJ-HP6 as the link below

Steps to make sample pellet

  • Mixing and grinding chemical powder by agate mortar
  • Calcine mixed the powder in a high temp furnace under suitable temperature
  • Grinding calcined powder again by mortar
  • Placing the two die inserts in the center hole of the die
  • Put calcined powder into the die inserts
  • Pressing sample by a pressing machine under suitable pressure
  • Take out pellet sample from the die by easily taking out and opening the split die inserts
  • Sintering the pellet under suitable temperature (optional)
  • Then, a new material sample is formed
Instruction Video                 
  • Please must always wear protective goggles during operation !!!
  • The pressing die cannot be used for pressing powder with a particle size of < 30 microns. Small particles may slip into the gap between the pushing rod and steel sleeve and cause damages to the sleeve during the compression. Ball mill and sieve the powder and apply only the 32~75 microns powder to the pressing die to avoid damages. Please consider using the 3'' Dia. Sieve Set No.200&450 Mesh to separate the 32~75 microns particles from the powder clumps. Please clean the mold via ethanol after the completion of each experiment. ( Pic. 1)
  • You may use BN coating as mold release (Pic 2)
                 Pic 1 Pic 2
  • Please use alcohol to clean the pressing die every time before use and store it in a dry place.

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