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DNP Aluminum Laminated Film for Pouch Cell Case - DNP-ALF

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The DNP aluminum laminated film (91 um) is used as a casing material for the polymer Li-Ion battery, which is made in Japan

Layers by Layer

  • Matte Ink Layer: 3.0 g /m^2 ± 0.5 g/m^2
  • Biaxially Oriented Nylon (ONy); 6-Nylon: 15 um ± 10%
  • Adhesive Layer (Carbon Black Mixed): 3.8 g/m^2 ± 1.5 g/m^2
  • Mat Surface (Treatment Layer)
  • Soft Aluminum Foil (ALM): 8021 or 8079; 35  um ± 10%
    Glossy Surface (Treatment Layer)
    Adhesive Resin Layer (PPa): Acid modified PP;20 um ± 10%
    Polypropylene (PP): 15 um ± 10%
  • Glossy Surface (Treatment Layer)
  • Adhesive Resin Layer (PPa): Acid modified PP;20 um ± 10%
  • Polypropylene (PP): 15 um ± 10%
Thickness        91 μ± 10% 
Width and Length DNP-ALF30: 120 mm ± 0.5 mm x 30m
DNP-ALF50: 400 mm ± 0.5 mm x 50m
DNP-ALF300: 400 mm ± 0.5 mm x 300m

Heat Seal Strength 30 N / 15 mm or more
Laminate Strength ONy / ALM 3.0 N / 15 mm or more
Laminate Strength ALM / PP 5.0 N / 15 mm or more
Electrolyte Resistance ALM / PP 4.0 N / 15 mm or more
Dip Brazing 85°C, 24 hours
Surface quality Mat finish
Fish Eye 2mm or less in diameter (clear),1mm or less in diameter (colored)
Molding Depth < 8.0mm
Electrical Insulating Good
Hot Sealing Condition 180-190°C
Moisture Vapor / O2 Transmission Rate 200ppm / 5 years 
Solvent Retention Less than 5mg/m2
Appearance Within the sample of the limit
Slip Factor
CPP/CPP   less than 1.0
SDS SDS for Aluminum
SDS for Carbon Black
Application Notes & Video

Click the picture below to see the finished polymer Li-Ion battery made by the heated sealer

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