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2-9 Channel Gas Control System with PLC Touch Panel and PC Operation Software - EQ-GSL-LCD

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    EQ-GSL-LCD gas mixing station is designed for the control of 1-9 types of gasses flowing through vacuum-sealed tube furnaces at a low cost. It is installed in a heavy-duty mobile cart where the tube furnace can be placed on the top.  LCD touch screen is integrated to provide easy control of the gas flow rate of each independent channel. Such a system is suitable for using with CVD furnaces to study the gas environmental influence on various materials.



Two Channels

Three Channels

Four Channels

Customized Four to Nine Channels

Mass Flow Controller

Note: Other range
 MFC can be customized at extra cost upon request. 
Controlling Range:
  • Controller 1: 1~199 SCCM
  • Controller 2: 1~499 SCCM

Controlling Range:
  • Controller 1: 0~100 SCCM
  • Controller 2: 1~199 SCCM 
  • Controller 3: 1~499 SCCM 
Controlling Range:
  • Controller 1: 0~100 SCCM
  • Controller 2: 1~199 SCCM
  • Controller 3: 1~199 SCCM
  • Controller 4: 1~499 SCCM
Select Range from below to make Customised  4 to 9 Channels:
  • 0~100 SCCM
  • 1~200 SCCM
  • 1~500 SCCM
  • 1~1000 SCCM
  • 1~2000 SCCM
  • 1~5000 SCCM
Accuracy, linearity, and repeatability Accuracy: ±1.5%FS
Linearity: ±1%FS
Repeatability: ±0.2%FS
Working Temp and Pressure Working Temp. : 5~45 ºC  
Max. Pressure: 3x10Pa 

Working Voltage

    AC 220V Single phase 50/60Hz



PLC Touch Screen  

  • 6" color touch screen control panel to make parameter setting at easy.
  • Touchscreen Control and PC remote switchable, RS485 Port and a supplied software are included for remote operation by PC, not compatible with LabVIEW for now. 
Mechanical Pressure Gauge     Measurement Range:-0.1~0.15 MPa (0.01 MPa/grid)
Needle Valve     316 Stainless Steel
Gas Pipeline
  • One stainless steel gas mixing tank is built-in
  • Internal pipeline: 1/4" O.D stainless steel
  • External pipeline: 1/4" O.D PTFE
Gas Mixing Tank     Φ80X120mm

Stop Valve & Fittings
    316 stainless steel needle valve, 
    Φ1/4” Swagelok Tube Fitting
Dimensions     600mm(L) x 855mm(W) x 700mm(H)
  • All components are CE certified 
  • The unit can pass TUV(UL61010) or CSA certification at extra cost. ( please click marks below to learn details )
    One year limited with lifetime support
Oxygen Monitoring

  • An Optional oxygen Sensor can be used to monitor the oxygen level of gas(es) used in CVD systems for preventing or reducing oxidation. Please click the picture below to learn more:
Application Note
  • Waiting for 15 minutes to warm up the gas mixer and start your gas supply to charge.
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