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Li-Cu-Li Composite Foil (0.1mm Li on Two sides of Cu Foil), 100g/pack (80 mm W x 6m L) - EQ-LCL-2S-80

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Item Number: LCL2S80
GROUND Only transportation regardless of shipping method selected
Li-Cu-Li Composite foil is made by cold rolling double side Li foil on copper foil under dry room, which is designed to build the anode of pouch cell or cylindrical cell for new generation Li-ion battery.

Purity 99.9% Lithium,  99.99% Copper
  • Structure: Li (0.1 mm) + Cu (12um) + Li (0.1 mm)
  • Size: 80mm Width x 6000mm L x 0.21 mm Thickness (Li layer width 80mm; Cu layer width 100mm)
  • Weight:100g/roll 
Average Density
 ~0.94 g/cm2
  • Packed a steel container filled under dry room (RF < 2%)
  • Clean the surface of the lithium foil using a nylon brush/stainless steel scalpel until a shiny silvery surface appears (inside an argon glovebox)
Shipping Limitations
  • Shipments of lithium foil are described as “UN 1415, Lithium, 4.3, PG I"
    All shipments are Hazard Class 4.3 and require “Dangerous when wet” labels
    Sea Class 4.3 (IMDG)
    Road, Rail Class 4.3 11a (RID/ADR)
Safety Data Sheet     
  • Package must be opened and stored inside a glove box with Argon Gas and moisture less than 8 ppm and O2 less than 2 PPM.   Never use N2 gases in glovebox!!!
  • MTI only sells the Li foil within the USA and does not accept international order due to restrictions on hazard material exportation!!!
  • Operation and Storage: Lithium is very active in the air, please carefully read the SDS carefully.
  • Lithium foil may be oxidized during handling and storage.  if you find any oxidation on the surface of Li-chip,  please use sandpaper to remove it before using it.
  • Li foil may have a passivation layer, from our customer experience, remove the passivation layer will increase your battery capacity
  • If the Li metal is stored in mineral oil, please refer to this guide on How to clean mineral oil off Lithium metal using anhydrous Toluene
  • The lithium foil was packed in the dry room with < 10 PPM H2O. Therefore, a slight increase of O2 PPM level might be seen in the glove box when the can is opened. Please keep purging the glove box with ultra-high purity Ar until the required O2 PPM level is reached.
  • No return or refund for misusing or wrong storage which causes lithium foil oxidation.
 Q &A
  • Why Can not sell in a small package?   A: Small package will cost more from a manufacturer
  • Why Li-Chip so expensive? A: Because of shipping regulation from packing to shipping will cost 90% or more.

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