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Compact UV-Ozone Cleaner with 6"x 6" Chamber - EQ-PCE-66

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Item Number: PCE66
EQ-PCE-66 is a compact Ultraviolet (UV) Ozone cleaner, which is a dedicated system to remove a variety of contaminants from surfaces of substrates samples. UV Ozone cleaning is simple to use the dry process which is a highly effective method to clean surfaces. The cleaning effect is caused by irradiating the surface of a substrate with suitable lamps creating enough energy in the UltraViolet spectrum range. It is the photo-sensitized oxidation process by atomized Oxygen and high reactive Ozone. The UV radiation directly to the surface stimulates the reaction. Volatile hydrocarbon products are produced. The removal of hydrocarbons in nanometer thickness by oxidation results in ultra-clean surfaces with significant wettability. This is very important before the thin-film coating process of glass and ceramic surfaces.

Input Power
  • AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
  • AC110V is available by a  200W 110V-220C transformer ( click underlined to order )

  • To remove a variety of contaminants from surfaces of substrates samples
  • Use the dry process to clean surfaces with the highly effective method
  • Generate energy at wave line between 254nm to 185nm
  • There is an Oxygen inlet port, Ozone removal pump
  • LCD display unit with the substrate temperature display.
  • Buzzer for indicating completion of cleaning
  • Locking feature for locking sample feeding tray to avoid opening during operation
UV Lamp

  • UV lamp power:                    120W Max.
  • Wavelength:                         254 nm and 185 nm 
  • Max substrate size:               150 x 150 mm ( 6"x 6")
Chamber & Sample Stage

  • Tray size: 176mm x 168mm
  • Sample feeding: slide-based
LCD Display
  • Time Duration: 1 - 99 sec / min / hr
  • Sample Temperature measurement feature
Exhausting Fan

  • An exhausting duct with a fan is installed on the back of the O-Zone cleaner.
  • Easy to connect with an air pipe for exhausting the O-zone gas generated by the cleaner to the outside of the building.
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost
Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime support ( no warranty for Pyrex glass chamber )
  • Cleaning molecular contamination from SPTs, AFM tips, and surfaces
  • Curing UV-adhesives
  • UV-photopatterning of SAM surfaces
  • Oxidizing PDMS
  • Surface sterilization
  • Etch, pattern, sharpen
  • Clean MEMS devices
  • Clean substrate surfaces such as Si, Ge, GaAs, and all oxide crystal  substrate
Consumable Parts
  • Replacement lamps
Operation Video

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