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Automatic 32-Sample Rockwell Hardness Testing System for High Throughput Hardness Analysis - EQ-RHT50-32-LD

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Item Number: RHT5032

EQ-RHT50-32-LD is high throughput, automatic 32-sample Rockwell hardness testing system for high throughput new alloy development and process optimization. The station integrates a Rockwell hardness tester probe with XY stage, 32-sample station, and laptop remote control. It enables quick, easy, and accurate hardness testing of samples without the need of material-dependent calibration. The measured HV hardness can be automatically converted to HB, HRA, HRB scales. A 50 N test load probe is included for hardness tests ranging from 19 - 70 HRC (35 - 1000 HV).



  • The high throughput Rockwell hardness testing system consists of:
    • Hardness tester probe with 50 N test load for 19 - 70 HRC (35 - 1000 HV) test
    • Hardness tester probe holder and triggering mechanism
    • XY stage system and its control box
    • 32-position sample stage
    • Laptop with pre-installed control and analysis software
  • The automatic operation improves efficiency, reduces time, and minimizes operator related error
  • Fast, automatic hardness testing and analysis of 32 samples (~20 min), and automatic output of hardness data via a USB port
  • The hardness testing system can be upgraded with 1D line scan and 2D mapping scan features at extra cost 
  • Please contact MTI for system customization, such as sample stage with different dimensions, integration of the station with a glove-box, etc
Test Method
  • Portable Rockwell static test method: a diamond indenter is forced into the sample and the indentation depth is automatically analyzed to determine the hardness.
  • The indentation depth is continuously measured while a load is applied and released. From the depth difference between pre-load and total load conditions (See the first photo below), sample hardness is determined
  • Compared to traditional rebound and ultrasonic hardness testing method, TIV method does not require Young's modulus calibration for different materials, enabling direct, fast, and accurate measurement of sample hardness
  • A tester probe with 50 N test load is included for 19 - 70 HRC (35 - 1000 HV) test
  • Measuring time: ~5 - 10 sec
  • USB interface for test data output and remote control
  • A digital camera with a laser pointer is integrated for indicating the hardness testing spot on the sample surface and recording the testing spot by saving the image
XY Stage

  • Touch screen controlled XY stage for precise sample positioning and measurement repeatability
  • Hardness measurement time, X- / Y- axis travel speed, sample selections can be configured on the touch screen
  • 32-sample stage with 26 mm cavities is included for testing cold embedded alloy samples 
Testing Software

  • Automatic hardness conversion according to DIN 50157, ASTM E140, ISO EN 18265 standards
  • Six hardness scales: HRC (default), HV, HB, HRA, HRB scales
Sample Requirement
  • Sample thickness: > 1 mm
  • Sample size: > 1 mm Dia.
  • Sample weight: no restriction
  • Sample surface roughness: < Ra 2.0 um
  • For high throughput preparation of sample surface, please choose MTI's 16-Sample Automatic Polishing Machine Unipol-1500-S16
Operation Temperature
  • 0 - 40 ℃
Instruction Video           
  • 1 years warranty with lifetime support

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