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Manual Operated 32-Cavities Arc Melting System in Glove-Box for High Throughput Alloy Research - EQ-SP-MAM-32

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Item Number: SP-MAM32
EQ-SP-MAM-32 is a 32-cavities manually operated arc melting system in the glove-box. Two 16 cavities copper hearth with water cooling is installed in the glove box with the humidity and oxygen purification < 1 ppm.  You can move the arc torch gun to each cavity and melt the metallic sample up to 3000°C, which significantly saves operating time for taking the sample in and out.  It is an excellent tool for high throughput MGI research for new generation High-Entropy Alloys at a low cost 


Structure & Feature
  • The manually operated  arc melting system consists of:
    • Standard glove-box with 2 PPM oxygen and H2O purification system and sliding shelf 
    • Two 16 cavities copper (32 cavities) hearth with water cooling plate on the bottom
    • 200A DC power supply 
    • Arc melting stinger/gun with KF40 feedthrough to connect into the glovebox
    • 16L/minute recirculating water chiller
Arc Melting & Copper Hearth

  • Metals are melted with an electric arc in a water-cooled copper crucible which has 16 x 2 cavities (25mm Dia each). This allows the melting (up to 3000°C) of 32 specimens (<10g iron-based alloy) in a single batch without cross-contamination. (the numbers of the cavities are available upon customer request )
  • Copper Hearth is interchangeable and easy to take out or send in through airlock chamber on the glove box
  • The steel cover is included to protect the samples from cross-contamination.
  • Water-cooled 2.4 mm diameter tungsten electrode /arc stinger is installed inside the glovebox via vacuum-sealed feedthrough
  • The water-cooled rectangular copper hearth is installed on the bottom and of copper hearth 
  • Arc melting stinger/gun and water cooling plate can be installed inside or outside of the glovebox based on customer request
Gas-Controlled/Vacuum Glove Box

  • Case Material: Made of  304 stainless steel sheet 
  • Dimensions: 1230 mm(L) x 740mm(W) x 900mm(H)
  • Total Height with frame:  1860 mm
  • Max. Positive Pressure: 810 Torr   ( flowing gas only, not designed for vacuum )
  • Airlock Chamber with Airlift
  • Dimensions: 360mm(ID) x 435mm(L)
  • Max. Vacuum Level: 0.05 Torr 
  • One slidable Sample Shelf is built on top inside glovebox to make operation at easy
  • LED light is a built-in outside glove box
  • Arc melting stinger/gun with KF40 feedthrough to connect into the glovebox
  • Larger window -openable glove-box is available upon request
Purification System

    • Automatic moisture  and oxygen remove to < 2 ppm 
    • Regeneration Temperature Controller is built-in for automatically regenerating the filter
    • The automatic pressure control system is built in to keep the pressure at a constant level
    • 6" color PLC touch panel is included which can set and display the humidity and pressure level. (Please click the first picture below for details)
    • The control panel is removable, which can be placed anywhere for easy operation  Heavy-duty vacuum pump with filter is included for faster vacuum and removing moisture
    • Stainless steel vacuum bellow and valve are included
    Power supply  

    • Input Voltage: Single phase  AC 220V  (+/- 15% . 50/ 60Hz) (40A Breaker for this welding).
    • (Three Phase  AC 380V 50Hz is available upon request)
    • DC Output Pulse Current Adjsting Range:  5-125A (under 220V)
    • Optional: larger current up to 300A is available at additional cost.
    • ETL certified
    Water Chiller & Gas (Optional)
    • Water cooling is required ( not included ) for its chamber, copper mold, and the electrode. Please consider using the KJ-5000 recirculating water chiller.
    • High purity Ar gas is required (not included) for the arc melting process.  
    Net Weight
    • 200 kg
    Shipping Weight & Dimension
    • Total 2 Pallets
    • 1200 lbs, 80"x41"x86"
    • 385 lbs, 48"x40"x51"
    • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
    • NRTL (UL 6101 ) or CSA Certification is available upon request at additional charges(
    Operation  Video

          may use a quartz tube shielding to effectively reduce the splash 
    Application Case
    Application Notes

    • A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 6 bars for safe operation
    • Regularly perform regeneration to maintain the optimum purification efficiency
    • The O2 sensor is consumable and its expected life span is around one year. Please order O2 sensor replacement at MTI at extra cost
    • The use of corrosive gasses is prohibited as they will damage the water and oxygen sensors!
    • During arc melting operation, never allow the tungsten tip to touch the material or the copper crucible! Move glove and hand away from the copper crucible while the sample is hot or the arc melting is in operation! Use tweezers to manipulate the sample only after the sample has been cooled down.
    • Never do the arc melting outside of the copper crucible! It may damage the glove-box and cause electrical injury to the user.
    • The user must wear safety glasses or mask with the tinted window when operating the equipment for eye protection.

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