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32-Station (20g) Automatic Arc Melting System for High Throughput Alloy Research- EQ-SP-MSM360

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Item Number: SP-MSM360
EQ-SP-MSM360 is a customized 32-station automatic Arc Melting System for high throughput MGI research such as alloy formation and phase diagram developments. Such an arc melting system consists of a gas-controlled/Vacuum glove box with CNC three-axis (X, Y, Z) of movement for precise "arc stinger" to "hearth cavity" positioning and stirring operations. Up to 32 alloy specimens (two 16-cavity copper crucibles) can be produced in a single batch in an ultra-clean environment (<1 ppm H2O and O2 level). Manual arc melting operation with a handheld arc melting stinger is also available. It is an efficient and economical system for high throughput MGI research of new-generation High-Entropy Alloys.

Reference literature: Design of refractory multi-principal-element alloys for high-temperature applications


  • Designed for high throughput, automatic arc melting of 32 samples (each sample weight <10g iron-based alloy) up to 3000 ℃ in a single batch (Various crucible design is available upon request)
  • Glove-box ensures arc melting in an ultra-clean gas environment with <1ppm H2O and O2 level
  • Water-cooled copper crucible, crucible grid cover, and vacuum dust removal (optional) allow arc melting of multiple samples without cross-contamination.
  • 4 mm diameter tungsten electrode is mounted on a CNC three-axis (X, Y, Z) stage inside the glove box. 
  • The tungsten electrode can be programmed with stirring motion for uniform arc melting of large samples.
  • A powerful arc melting power supply enables reliable, stable arc ignition.
  • Manual arc melting with a handheld stinger is available.
  • The high throughput, automatic arc melting system consists of 
    • Standard glove-box with <1ppm H2O and O2 purification system
    • Two 16-cavity copper crucibles (32 cavities total) with water cooling
    • Water-cooled tungsten electrode integrated with CNC three-axis (X, Y, Z) stage
    • Handheld arc melting stinger with KF40 feedthrough.
    • 16 L/min recirculating water chiller for cooling the copper crucibles and arc melting stinger.
Arc Melting & Copper Hearth


  • Metals are melted with an electric arc in a water-cooled copper crucible which has 32 cavities (25mm Dia x 8mm depth each). This allows the melting (up to 3000°C) of 32 specimens in a single batch without cross-contamination (see pic.1 and pic.2 below)
  • The Stainless steel crucible grid cover is included to protect the samples from cross-contamination ( pic.2) 
  • The vacuum vapor removal fixture is installed on the CNC stage to minimize cross-contamination during arc melting of low melting point materials. (see pic.3 below)
  • 4 mm diameter tungsten electrode /arc stinger is installed inside the glovebox with CNC X, Y, Z positioning (see pic.4 below). 
  • The water-cooled rectangular copper hearth is installed on the X (or Y) axes motion table.  
  •   pic.1    Pic. 2  Pic. 3    Pic. 4
CNC Positioning
  • Touch screen CNC three linear axes (X-Y-Z) of motion enables precise "arc stinger" to "hearth cavity" positioning as programmed to achieve automatic melting by touching one button.  
  • Arc stinger motion is driven by several step motors to achieve X, Y, Z or circle moment for the best melting result
  • The arc stinger travels in the pattern shown in the picture on the left.
  • The stirring motion of the arc melting stinger can be programmed for the uniform melting of large samples.
  • For each sample, the arc melting operation consists of two steps: stationary arcing step and stirring step (1 - 10mm diameter adjustable stirring motion)
  • X, Y, Z motion speed: ≤ 800mm/min
Gas-Controlled Glove Box
  • Glove Box: EQ-VGB-6OP-LD (see pic.1 below)
  • Operation Environment: dry environment with good ventilation, 15-25 ℃. Air conditioner (not included) is required if out of this range.
  • Glove-box chamber dimension: 1200mm x 740mm x 900mm (LxWxH)
  • Two airlock chambers:
    • Large antechamber dimension: 360mm ID x 600mm L
    • Small antechamber dimension: 150mm ID x 220mm L
  • Two 175mm diameter glove ports with a pair of 8" Butadyl gloves.
  • Filter system: gas outlet filters can eliminate particle size > 0.3μm
  • Openable front window panel for easy equipment loading
  • Arc melting stinger/gun with KF40 feedthrough to connect into the glovebox (see pic.2 and pic.3 below)
  • Glove Box with H2O & O2 Purification System and Openable Front Window is included with all necessary feedthrough, which includes CNC stage control cable, cooling water inlet & outlet, arc melting power +/-, handheld arc melting stinger, and vacuum dust removal. (see pic.4 below)
       pic.1      pic.2  pic.3    pic.4
Arc Melting Power Supply  

  • Input Voltage: 110 or 220 VAC selectable, single phase  
  • Current: 34 A max (40A circuit breaker integrated). Recommend power source breaker ≥ 40A
  • Rated DC output: 
    • 15V/ 125A at 35% duty cycle - 110V input
    • 18V/ 185A at 35% duty cycle - 220V input
  • Minimum DC current output: 5A
  • Pulse DC and AC output modes are available.
Gas Purification System 
  • Automatic moisture and oxygen removal to <1 ppm (20℃, 1 atm)
  • Pressure Range: ± 12m-bar
  • 240 L/m Heavy-duty mechanical vacuum pump with exhaust filter is included. 
  • Precision Humidity Analyzer with KF25 Flange (0-999 ppm) and the oxygen sensor is installed on the Purification System with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 ppm
  • Large capacity moisture filter built in the bottom of the mobile cart, which can absorb moisture up to 1.5 kg
  • The regeneration Temperature Controller is built-in for filter regeneration
  • An automatic pressure control system can keep the pressure at a constant level. Manual pressure control is allowed via a foot pedal.
  • The touch screen panel enables easy setting, humidity, oxygen concentration, and pressure level display
  • The removable control panel can be placed on the side for easy operation
Water Chiller & Gas
  • MTI's KJ-5000 recirculating water chiller (16 L/min) is included for the water cooling of copper crucibles and arc melting stinger.
  • High-purity Argon gas is with at least 5N purity (>99.999%) required (not included) for the arc melting process.  
  • 5% Hydrogen + 95% Argon gas is needed for regenerating the purification station (not included)
Dimensions System dimension: 2300mm x 1230mm x 1880mm (LxWxH)
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • Two Pallets
  • #1: 1455 lbs, 80"x41"x87"
  • #2: 460 lbs, 48"x40"x30"
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage conditions or maintenance are not covered by a warranty
  • Gloves and oxygen sensors are consumable parts that are NOT covered by warranty.
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA (UL 6101 ) Certification is available upon request at additional charges    
Application Notes & Warnings
  • Regularly perform regeneration to maintain optimum purification efficiency.
  • The O2 sensor is consumable and its expected lifespan is around one year. Please order an O2 sensor replacement at MTI at extra cost.
  • During the arc melting operation, never allow the tungsten tip to touch the material or the copper crucible! Move the glove Use tweezers to manipulate the sample only after the sample has been cooled down.
Operation Demo Video       
Reference article:  High-throughput experiment-assisted study of alloying effects on oxidation of Nb-based alloys

 Optional equipment

  • The automated arc melting system may connect to a tube furnace to do annealing and quenching ( Pic 1 & 2)
  • EQ-XRF-32 is a high throughput, automatic 32-sample X-ray fluorescence (XRF) / energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) system for non-destructive composition analysis (Pic. 3)
  • EQ-XRF-32-LD is a high throughput hardness testing system ( Pic. 4)
  • Pic.1Pic. 2Pic. 3Pic. 4

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