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Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (SPS) up to 50 MPa and 2000C - YLJ-SPS-T5

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Item Number: YLJSPS5T
YLJ-SPS-T5 is a Spark Plasma Sintering System is designed for a wide range of material research up to 2000ºC. It can be used for sintering, sinter-bonding, surface treatment, and synthesis. The sample material can be metals, ceramics, nanostructured material, and amorphous material. This system perfectly fits solid electrolyte and electric thermal material research.


  • Stainless Steel Chamber - Suitable for Controlled Inert Gas or Vacuum Condition
  • 5T max electric sintering press unit with graphite die (50 MPa Max.)
  • Sintering DC power supply 
  • Vacuum system
  • Precision temperature control
  • 11" touch screen control panel
  • 20 KW for 0.5" sample
  • 50 KW for 1" dia sample (available at extra cost)
Input Voltage
  • 208-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Three Phases; another voltage rating is available upon request.
Output Current
  • DC 0 - 1500 A (Digital PID Controlled)
Output Voltage
  • DC 0 - 10 V (Digital PID Control)
Working Temperature
and thermocouple
  • 200ºC - 1200ºC  with K-type thermal couple  (included)
  • 1200ºC - 2000ºC  with C-type thermal couple  (included)
  • 1200ºC - 1700ºC  with B-type thermal couple  (optional)
 Temperature controller

  • Precision Eurotherm temperature controller is built-in
  • Overshooting temperature is less than 5ºC at the maximum heating rate
  • Temperature accuracy: < 0.1ºC
Electric Mechanical Press

  • Automatic electric mechanical press
  • Max pressure: 5T
  • Digital Pressure control and monitoring.
Sintering Die Set Dimension

  • OD. 85- 100 mm
  • ID: 12.75 mm - 25.4 mm 
  • Sintered  Sample size: 12.7 - 25.4 mm depended on sintering temperature.
  • Made of high purity graphite by HIP process
  • Max pressure: 50 MPa or the corresponding ton-force
      • 0.5" ID Max. 0.5T
      • 1.0" ID: Max. 3T
Vacuum Chamber
  • Double Layers Stainless Steel with water-cooling interlayer
  • Chamber size:  350 mm Dia x 350 mm L
  • Vacuum Level: 
    • 10 Pa (7.5E-2 torr) with a mechanical pump ( included )
    • 1 Pa ( 10x10-4 torr ) with optional turbopump (click picture below right to order)
Pressure Control System
  • PLC  with 11" touch screen panel
Pressure Stability
  • ≤ 0.1MPa
Max Heating Rate
  • 300ºC/Minute working temperature between 1200 - 1600 ºC
  • Note: 50ºC/minute when working at low-temperature range 200 - 800ºC
 Water Cooling

  •    116L/minute  recirculating water chiller is included
Standard Accessories
  • SPS Sintering Graphite Die Set
  • Graphite Spacer
  • K  & C type thermal Couples
  • O-rings
  • Demolding tools. 

  • Power Supply: 760 L X 460 W X 1820 H, mm   
  • Furnace: 970 L X 660 W X 1124 H, mm
  • CE certified
  • NRTL certification is NOT available temporarily.
  • One year limited warranty
  • Free training in MTI location is provided before shipping 

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