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Vacuum Melt Spinning System with Precision Temperature and Molten Extrusion Pressure Controls - EQ-VTC-500

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Item Number: EQ-VTC-500
EQ-VTC-500 is a lab scale vacuum melt spinning system for preparing amorphous metallic ribbons. In this technique, metal ingots (<50g) are melted via induction heating method and then propelled by overpressurizing the crucible. A thin stream of molten is then dropped onto a fast moving surface of a cold copper drum. This causes rapid quenching & solidification of the molten and thus form the liquid metal alloy. 

The system features an SS air-tight chamber with a front observation window. A turbo backed by dual stage oil pump is included for achieving high vacuum upto 10^-4 Pa. The unit provides inlet and outlet valves for inert gas purging. This helps to protect samples from moisture or oxygen exposure during the melt spinning process. User can also control the RPM of the drum, induction heating power, temperature and pressure applied to the crucible.


  • Complete system consists of the stainless steel vacuum chamber, turbo & mechanical pumps, 15KW induction heating system, rack system and one meter long discharging tubular collector.
  • 300mm diameter copper flywheel with max. 45 meter /sec. spinning speed
  • Lab scale system for melting metallic samples upto 50 gram per batch (material melting point < 1000°C).
  • Crucible to copper wheel distance adjustable 0~10mm (manual adjustment)
  • TC insert to the bottom of the crucible can measure the temperature above the melt (direct contact between the TC and melt should be avoided)
  • Featured a position adjustable "scraper" can prevent ribbon spin-off to the inside of the chamber 
  • Vacuum casting attachment i soptional as a great add-on feature of the melt spinning system. Please refer to the picture to the left to see the setups for vacuum casting and melt spinning. Casting crucible and mold is not included.
Power Requirements
  • Input Voltage: 220VAC, Three-Phase, 60Hz
  • Input Power: 25 KW ( 50A breaker required)
Control Station
  • All functional controls in one panel: Temperature & induction power control, copper drum spinning speed & ON/OFF, Mechanical & Turbo Pump ON/OFF, solenoid valves for pump isolation and gas purging, Melt-Spinning ON/OFF. Please click pic.1 for details. 
  • Combined digital vacuum display for Pirani gauge and Ionized gauge. Please click pic.2 for details.
                     Pic.1                    Pic.2
Vacuum Chamber &
Vacuum Pump

 Pic.1               Pic.2

  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber: 400×380×600mm (W×D×H), please click pic.1 to view the inside of the chamber.
  • Hinged type door with quartz observation window (120mm dia.), illumination lighting provides better sight viewing of the process condition inside the chamber. Please see pic.2 for details.
  • Built-in turbo backed by the mechanical pump can pump down the chamber to 5 x10 E-5 torrs within 30 minutes (Max. vacuum level 10E-7 torr with chamber baking )
Induction Heater
& Temperature Controller

  • Dual Station 25KW  ( 30 - 80Khz)Induction Heater 
  • Max. sample load:10 - 50g for loose sample and 100g max with pressed sample ( based on NbFeB material)
  • A precision temperature controller is integrated with B type TC (24'' long) insert inside the heating crucible. (direct contact between the TC and melt should be avoided)
  • 30 segments temperature profile programmable with +/- 2°C accuracy
  • Two standard BN crucibles are included in the package ( Two nozzle sizes: 1mm diameter and  10mm L x 1mm W). Please click the pic.1 & pic.2 in below for details.
  • Two quartz crucibles for vacuum casting are included (1mm Diameter nozzle). Please click pic.3 for details.
  • Customized crucibles made of quartz, alumina or BN  is available upon request at extra cost
Gas Pressure Regulator & Solenoid Valves

  • PID pressure regulator is included for precisely control the gas pressure applied to the crucible in order to propel the molten out from the nozzle. Please refer to the picture on the left to see the device.
  • Gas driven solenoid valves are used for isolating the pumps from the chamber when not used, chamber purging and pressure relief.  
Spinning wheel
  • Copper flywheel without water cooling ( 300 mm Dia. x 40 mm W )
  • 0 - 45 meter / second (2850RPM max.) adjustable
  • The extra induction coil for bulk sample casting is availabe upon request at the extra cost
  • Customized water cold copper mold is available upon request at the extra cost. ( Please speeicfy sample size for quote )
  • A liquid cooling copper wheel is available upon request for > 500g melting at extra cost
  • A liquid cooling system is optional, please click the rightmost image below to order.

  • 2500×1000×2000mm(L×W×H)
  • Chamber: 400×380×600mm (W×D×H)
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • Two Pallets
  • 1500 lbs, 80"x41"x87"
  • 550 lbs, 48"x40"x70"
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL certification is  available upon request at extra cost
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operation Manual & Video         
Application Notes
  • For better melt spinning,  the sample shall is > 5 mm diameter bulk.  If the sample is powder and smaller particle, must pre-melt and casting into a > 5 mm diameter bulk  ( melting & casting function are included in the system)
  • For materials with melting point>1200C,  30KW induction power supply is highly recommended at additional cost. 
  • Please be advised that it is not every material that can be spun.  In order to melt spun successfully,  material melton must match suitable viscosity.  It is customer responsibility to find right composition, crucible size and power supply.
  • For the materials that can not be heated by induction well,  you may add graphite heating ring at outside BN crucible to enhance temperature higher.  Please contact MTI team for details.

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