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In-Situ Thin Film Thickness / Deposition Rate Monitor with Software, and Optional Sensor, Quartz Crystals - EQ-TM106-LD

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Item Number: TM106-LD
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EQ-TM106-LD is a high precision thickness sensor/monitor for the thin film deposition process. It is based on the principle that the mass of a deposited film on a quartz crystal can be measured by monitoring the change in crystal’s oscillating frequency. If the density of deposited material is known, the thickness can be determined to a high resolution of sub-Angstrom (0.037 Å for this equipment).

  • 5 VDC, 400 mA
Frequency Range
  • 6.0 to 5.0 MHz (fixed)
Frequency Resolution
  • +/- 0.03 Hz @ 6 MHz
Measurement Speed
  • Up to 10 measurements per second
Reference Frequency Stability
  • +/- 2 ppm
Thickness and Rate Resolution
  • +/- 0.037Å @tooling = 100%, density = 1.00 g/cm3, Z-ratio = 1.00, frequency = 6.0 MHz
Display Resolution
  • 0.1 Å         
Operating Temperature
  • 0 to 50°C
Water Flow Requirement
  • Minimum water flow 150-200 cc/min, 30° C max
Water Feedthrough
  • 1/8 in. (3.0 mm) O.D. tubing
Standard Package
  • Sensor with the quartz holder is included.
  • 6″ BNC Cable M/F is included
  • SMA Female to Female Bulkhead Connector Adaptor is included (For MTI’s film deposition systems, feedthrough with SMA female (in the deposition chamber) to BNC female (outside chamber) adapter)
  • Gold quartz crystals of one set (10 PCS) is included.
Quartz holder 6″ BNC-J3 Female to
SMA-J3 Female Cable
SMA Bulkhead Adaptor Gold  quartz crystals
Quartz Crystals (Optional)
  • Starting frequency: 6 MHz
  • Crystal size: 14 mm Dia.
  • Anchor electrode pattern for maximum crystal stability and life
  • Gold and alloy electrode quartz crystals can be ordered at MTI (Click pictures below or select product options)
  • Choose the quartz crystal with the right electrode material for your application - gold, silver, alloy
    • Recommend gold electrode crystals for most applications
    • Silver electrode crystals work well for processes with high heat loads, such as sputtering
    • Alloy electrode crystals are recommended for high-stress deposition, such as optical coating with dielectric materials and semiconductor processes with high-stress materials 
Operating System
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • STM-2 software is included (Download link is also available here)
  • STM-2 LabVIEW™ Application Software is available here.
  • An additional laptop ($699) with software pre-installed is highly recommended and can be ordered at MTI    
Compliance  CE Certificated (Assembled in the USA)
Production Dimensions
  •  Monitor Size: 114 mm L x 76 mm W x 25 mm H
  • Quartz Holder: 325 mm L x 25 mm W x 15 mm H
Monitor Weight
  • 57 g
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operation Instructions    
Application Notes

  • If you need test the resistance of a coating of the electrode to cracking or detachment from a substrate, Please click to order Flexibility Tester.
  • If you need a customized feedthrough, please email us for more information.
    Drawing FlexibilityTest Applcation for Sputtering

No. Description Qty
STM-2 rate / thickness monitor 1
Software/monitor manual CD 1
5 m (16.4 ft.) USB cable 1
BNC male to male cable 1
5 Quartz holder 1
6 6″ BNC Cable M/F 1
7 SMA Female to Female Bulkhead Connector Adaptor 1
8 Gold  quartz crystals(Included 10 pc) 1

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