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1350C Max. In-Situ Evaporator w/ KF50 Flange, Inline Swivel & Temp controller for PVD - GSL-1350X-ISE

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GSL-1350X-ISE is a temperature-controlled thermal evaporator designed for In-situ evaporating most metallic and organic materials up to 1350 ºC. The optional magnetic fluid seal is an inline swivel that prevents gas/vacuum / electrical lines twisting in the event of tube & flange rotation. The KF50 rotatable flange had a wide range of adaptability to vacuum chambers and tube flanges. The unit also provides an inlet valve for inert gas purging or evacuation to protect samples from moisture or oxygen exposure for the entire coating process.
Using this tool, we can modify your tube furnace into evaporating coater,

Structure & Features

  • Manual - Auto dual model control. Manual control over the current provides a faster initial heating up but might lose accuracy during the temperature holding. Auto mode is good compensation for that. (may the features only in the optional bar)
  • KF50 rotatable adaptor with a quick clamp enables easy installation onto the tube flanges.
  • The magnetic fluid sealed inline swivel prevents gas/vacuum / electrical lines twisting in the event of the KF50 flange rotation. (may the features only in the optional bar)
  • Tungsten coil heater and alumina crucible for high-temperature evaporation up to 1300 ºC.
  • Precision temperature control with 30 programmable segments and +/- 1 ºC accuracy.
  • 1/4'' tube fitting with needle valve is built-in for gas purging or evacuation.
  • Using this tool, we can modify your tube furnace into evaporating coater,
Input Power
  • Input voltage:  208 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, single-phase, 500W
  • Power cable included without the plug
Temperature Control & Heaters
  • Working temp: 1350ºC Max(<1hrs)., and 1200ºC for continuous heating. S type thermocouple is included.
  • Tungsten coil heater with the S type thermocouple is inserted to the bottom of alumina crucible for precise temperature measurement and control. 
  • Temperature control console provides up to 30 segments programmable with +/- 1 ºC accuracy. 500W DC evaporation power supply with max. operating current @ 30Amps. The time settings of the temperature controller are in seconds. Recommend to limit the temperature heating/cooling rate to < 30 ºC/min.
  • For continuous heating above 800 ºC, alumina fiber must be used to fill the gap between the refractory liner and crucible. It is important to bury the tungsten coil to prevent heat dissipation 
Sample Crucible

  • 0.7ml alumina crucible with tungsten heating coil surrounded.
  • S type thermocouple inserts for accurate temperature measurement of the source material.
Gas Inlet
  • 1/4'' tube fitting is built-in for chamber purge or forming gas processing
  • One needle valve is built-in to control gas flowing rate
  • Quick disconnect flange with KF50 vacuum port can be easily adapted to magnetic fluid seal, in this case, a tube can be used to create a sealed environment with protective gas or vacuum.
  • The magnetic fluid sealed inline swivel prevents gas/vacuum / electrical lines twisting in the event of KF50 flange rotation. (Optional, please select the features in the optional bar)
  • The temperature controller is optional, please select this feature in the optional bar.
  2'' Tube Flange        60mm O.D; 80mm O.D; 100mm O.D Tube Flange
Overall dimension

         ( The length of insert rod can be customized upon request )
  • CE Certificate
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
Net Weight
  • 5 kg 
Operation Instructions

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