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Hybrid High Temperature Tube & Box Furnace (1700 C, 2" OD ) - GSL-1700X-50VTB

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Item Number: GSL-1700X-50VTB
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GSL-1700X-50VTB is a high-temperature hybrid box and tube furnace.  It is designed for heat treatment of all types of new materials both under vacuum or in air up to 1700oC. The temperature of the GSL-1700X-50VT is controlled by high precision SCR power controller with accuracy +/-1 oC and 30 segments programmable up to 1700oC



Furnace Structure
  • Double-layer steel casing.
  • High purity 1800oC grade fibrous alumina insulation
  • 6x6x6" heating chamber with MoSi2 heating elements
  • 2" dia.  alumina processing tube is inserted from the top furnace for vacuum or atmosphere-controlled treatment.  The Vacuum & gas tighten flange,  valves vacuum gauge, thermal blocks is included 
  • 4" 25 mm dia crucible can be placed around the outside tube for the treatment in air
  • Click drawing on the left to see dimensions
Power Consumption

Max. 4 KW

Input Voltage Single Phase, 220V AC,  50/60 Hz
Normal Working Temperature 800 -1600 oC (3002  oF)
Max. Working Temperature 1700 oC (3092  oF) for < 1 hours
Max. Heating / Cooling Rate  5 oC / min above 1200 oC and 10 oC/min below 1200oC
Heating chamber 150 x 150 x150 mm ( 6"x6"x6")

Heating Elements

 4 pcs of U-shaped 1800 grade MoSi2  

Temperature Controller

  • PID automatic control via SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power control with phase angle fired, current limiting resistor.
  • 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate, and dwell time.
  • Please click here to learn why SCR is more accurate than SSC (Solid state relay).
  • Built-in over-temperature alarm and protection allow for operation without an attendant.
  • +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.
  • RS485 Communication Port
  • Optional:  
    • The furnace may be operated by PC by installing a control module. Please order an MTS-02 control module at extra cost. 
    • If you order the PC control module together with the furnace. We recommend you order a laptop from us to avoid software installation problems. For more information please click here
Processing Tube and Crucible

  • 99.5%High purity Al2O3 Ceramic
  • ID: 50 mm; OD: 40 mm x Length 1000 mm
  • Two fibrous ceramic tube blocks are included for blocking heat radiation from inside the tube. (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating)
  • 4 alumina crucibles of 15mm Dia x 15 mm H are included


Vacuum Sealing Flanges
  • One pair sealing flange with double silicone high-temperature O-ring is included.
  • Two SS needle valves and one dial vacuum gauge are installed with a flange for immediate use.
  • Vacuum pressure can reach 50 mTorr by a quality mechanical vacuum pump and 10^-5 torr by turbo molecular pump. Please click the picture below to see flange assembling details.
Fitting Ports


Vacuum Level

  • 50 m-torr can be achieved by a mechanical pump
  • 10^-5 torr can be reached by molecular pump
  • The vacuum pump is not included, please order separately by clicking here


click to see detail

Net Weight

150 kg (330 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions

48" x 40" x 67"

Shipping Weight

200 kg (440 lbs)


One-year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)


  • CE Certified
  • UL / MET / CSA Certification is available upon request, additional charges will apply

Demo Video



MoSi2 heating element is used in high temperatures under an oxidizing atmosphere. During the oxidizing process, the SiO2 protective film is formed again the heating element from melting during sustained use. The MoSi2 heating element must not be used in temperatures between 400 oC and 700 oC for a long time, otherwise, the element will be cremated under the strong oxidizing atmosphere at low temperatures.

Application Notes

Part No.
Click pic to order extra
4 pcs of MoSi2 Heating Elements
Vacuum Gauge and Connecting Flanges with 1/4" hose fitting.  4 pcs of High-Temperature Vacuum Gaskets are included
1 set
Pt-Rh to Pt-Rh Thermal Couples  ( B Type ) with alumina protective tube
1 set
 Al2O3 Furnace Tube, 
1 pcs
 Foam Al2O3 Tube Block
4 pcs

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