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800°C High Vacuum & Pressure Chamber Furnace (500x500x500 mm up to 3.5 bar) GSL-800-L

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Item Number: GSL-800-L
GSL-800-L is a high-vacuum and high-pressure chamber furnace with a maximum temperature of 800°C and pressure of up to 3.5 bar.. It features a chamber made of 310S stainless steel to ensure a cleanliness level of up to Class 100, and external heating. It can also perform vacuum sintering with a maximum vacuum level of 5.0*10^-3 Pa, particularly for the heat treatment of high-pressure oxygen environment superconducting materials (YBCO).

  • AC Three-phase 480V 50/60HZ
  • 60KW
            Working Chamber
            • Made of 310S stainless steel, chamber dimensions: Ф720mm * 900mm deep (volume: 366L) 
              • Water cooling door 
              • Usable space: 500mm-500mm-500mm (cubic space) 
              • Internal components are all made of metal to ensure cleanliness.
              • φ12.7 gas inlet, controlled by an electromagnetic needle valve to regulate gas intake.
              • φ12.7mm exhaust port, controlled by an electromagnetic needle valve to regulate gas release
              • Reserved a KF40 exhaust port for high-pressure use. 
            • Max. vacuum is 10-3 torr by mechanical pump and 10-5 by a turbopump
            • Max. working pressure (absolute pressure): 0.25MP (750°C) 0.35MP (500°C)
            • Equipped with pressure sensors and electromagnetic pressure relief valves, providing automatic pressure maintenance and overpressure relief functions to ensure equipment safety.
            • Features both inner and outer tube temperature monitoring.
            • Includes a 1-channel mass flow meter for the intake system with a flow rate of 5L/min.
            • Equipped with a mechanical pump vacuum system that can be started automatically or manually.

            • Long-term Operating Temperature: 800℃ (In a Flowing Atmosphere/Vacuum State)
            • Temperature Control Thermocouples: Seven K-type thermocouples (Three inside the chamber and four outside the chamber)
            • Four heating zones (3 circular ones + 1 bottom) to create a more uniform temperature field
            • Total Heating Zone Length: 900mm (370+310+220)Temperature uniformity:  ±10°C (in a flowing atmosphere)
            • Heating Rate: ≤5℃/min
            • Heating Elements: Molybdenum-Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Resistance Wire
            Temperature Controler
            • Eurothero EPC3000 
            • PID automatic temperature control system.
            • Intelligent 24-segment programmable control
            • Temperature accuracy: +/- 5°C
            • DB9 port for PC communication

            Control System

            • The temperature control system allows for setting up heating, constant temperature, and cooling curves through a touchscreen interface
            • Real-time monitoring of chamber pressure, vacuum level, and temperature is displayed on the touchscreen.
            • It provides the capability to perform constant pressure control within a range of 0.01MPa to 0.2MPa
            • Data can be saved, recorded, and downloaded, and process curves can be generated and saved for future experiments.
            Water Chiller (Optional)

            • Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz

            • Power: 3.5KW

            • Working Current: 3.4~18.1A

            • Cooling Capacity: 26826 Btu/h

            • Water Tank Capacity: 40L

            • Inlet and Outlet: Rp1"

            • Maximum Pump Water Flow Rate: 75L/min

            Vacuum Pump (optional)

              • Standard mechanical pump, three-phase VRD-36, can achieve a vacuum level of 10-2 torr
              • With a molecular pump, the vacuum level can reach 10-5 torr.
              • 2000*1900*2200mm

              • ~1900KG
              Reference Video
              • CE certified
              • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost
              Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime support

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