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Hinged Vacuum Sealing Assembly with Flange Support for 130 mm ( 5") dia Tube Furnace - FL125KF25H

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This is a pair of hinged vacuum sealing assemblies with flange support for 5" vacuum tube furnace to seal both ends of OD 130 mm ( 5")  tube without any welding and gluing.


  • Seal the tube by tightening the screws on the flange without any welding or gluing.
  • Excellent for any type of tubing: ceramic, glass, quartz, and steel pipe.
  • Installation requires drilling holes in the furnace casing to mount the flange support.
  • Made of Stainless Steel (SS304)  with high-temperature silicon O-rings on each flange.
  • Delicate metal support allows for both vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • The openable flange is designed for sample easily loading/unloading.
  • The left end comes with a hinged flange with a barbed valve, 1/4" feedthrough and pressure gauge.
  • Mechanical Pressure Gauge is available as an alternative to regular gauge.
  • The right end comes with a hinged flange with a barbed valve and a KF25 vacuum port.
  • KFD25 angle valve may be required for connecting the vacuum port to a vacuum pump.
Vacuum level
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Application Note
  • Place the o-ring on the notch of the hinged flange.
  • A tube block is required behind each flange to avoid the silicone O-rings melting.  
  • In the parts diagram on the left, the dia# is 100 for this product.
  • Tube block is available in related products below.
  • Please do not over-tighten the three hex screws on the flanges to avoid overpressure incidents. The recommended torque is 35~40 inch-lbs.
  • Warning: For liability considerations, MTI does not recommend or endorse the use of any toxic, flammable or corrosive gases with our flange assemblies. Please contact us with any concerns.


Part Number Part Name Qty
1 Mechanical Pressure Gauge
2 Openable Flange 2
3 Steel Sealing Ring 2
4 High-temperature silicone O-ring for tube and flange sealing EQ-SOR-130 2 pairs
5 High-temperature silicone O-ring for hinged flange sealing EQ-SOR-Hinged-130 1 pair
6 Hexscrew 6
7 Martel Support 1 pair
8 304 SS Barbed Hose Fitting 2
9 Flange Installation Screw 6
10 Martel Support Installation Screw and Nut 18

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