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Compact Induction Atomizer (1 MPa @ 1700C Max.) - IMCS-1700-MAS

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Item Number: IMCS1700-MAS

IMCS-1700-MAS is a compact atomizer designed for the preparation of spherical particles in a small batch (200 g Al alloy). The 25 kW induction power supply can melt high-temperature alloy up to 1700°C, including Ni-based superalloy, high-entropy alloy, or even refractory elements. With an atomizing pressure of 1 Mpa, the particle size is usually less than 80 microns.
Due to its compact design, the equipment can fit in any lab without the hassle of building rearrangement.

  • 208 - 240 VAC, 3 Phases, 25 kW, 50/60 Hz
  • 380, 400, 480 VAC is available upon request
Induction Power Supply

  • Max. output power: 25 KW 
  • Frequency: 30 - 80 kHz, (non-adjustable)
  • Duty Cycle: 100%
  • Induction Coil: 170mm (ID) x 110 mm (H) 
  • Water-cooled
  • Protection: water interlock, over-temperature, and overpower protection
Melting Chamber ( Top)

  • Chamber is made of SS304 with a water-cooling jacket to ensure surface temperature < 60ºC.
  • 0.2 MPa max. working pressure with a safety pressure-relief valve
  • Thermocouple fixture with a linear actuator. 
  • Observation window with tempered glass
Casting Chamber  ( Bottom )
  • The bottom chamber is made of SS304 with a KF 25 vacuum port
  • Vacuum level: 50 mTorr (with mechanical pump)
 Crucible with a special nozzle

  • One set of high purity graphite crucible and thermocouple sheath is included for max. 200 g capacity ( Fe based alloy)
  • OD 80 mm × ID 60 mm × H 160 mm
  • Max volume: 200 g (refer to iron)
  • A special design of nozzle at the bottom of the crucible to atomize the melt. 
  • The crucible is sealed from the casting chamber to keep high pressure at the melting chamber. 
  • Powder yield for < = 200 mesh is about  30% - 60% depending on the material's melting point.  In order to increase powder yield, strongly suggest ordering a crusher (Pic1)  and jet mill  (Pic.2) to reduce large particle size and a vibrating sieve (Pic. 3) to screen particles fast.  Pls, click the picture below to order.
  • Pic.1    Pic. 2    Pic. 3
Temperature Control
  • Precision temperature  controller with 30 segments programmable
  • Automatic PID control with the protection of over-temperature and thermal couple failure.
  • Thermal couple: B type
  • Working temperature range: 500℃~1600℃, 1700℃ Max.  (<1hour ).
  • Temperature stability : +/- 5℃ 
  • Manual temperature control for the fast heating
  • 4℃/second(1000℃-1200℃)
  • 3℃/second(1200℃~1500℃)
  • 1℃~2℃/second (1500℃~1700℃)

  • > 116 L/minute cooling water is required to cool the induction coil. 
  • May click the picture below to order a water circulator.

    Particle Morphology

  • Particles shall be sieved after atomizing to get a uniform size and better distribution
  • Particle distribution is strongly dependent on processing parameters
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request.
  • This is high-pressure equipment!  Must wear goggles when operating.
  •  Must use the pressure regulator to limit input gas pressure below 10 bars
  •    L 950 mm × W 950 mm × H 1500 mm
Operation Video                   
Net Weight
  • 200kg
Shipping Weight
  • 300kg
Application Note MTI provides a full line of research equipment for 3D printing and thermal spraying materials using all quantity samples to save money and space:  ( click pictures below to see details)
Arc Melting                 Atomizing            Hydrogen annealing        Powder surface Coating          HIP Treatment

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