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2000C Max. Economic Induction Melting-Casting System - IMCS-2000

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Item Number: IMCS2000
IMCS-2000 is an economic induction melting & casting system that is capable of melting/casting various metal alloys up to 1000g (Fe as reference) at Max. 2000ºC under either high vacuum or Argon gas. 

Power Requirements

  • Power: 208 - 240 VAC, three phases
  • Power for induction heater only: 15 kW (240V 50 A 3p or 208 60 A 3p power outlet is recommended)
  • Three power outlets (single-phase) are built-in for a vacuum pump, water chiller, and spare device. (Additional 3~4 KW or 10 A energy consumption may be needed.)
Vacuum chamber

  • The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel
  • Vacuum Chamber: Ø315 mm × 315 mm H (inner dimension)
  • One Ø120 mm quartz observation window. 
  • Built-in a rocker arm to rotate crucible and cast into a water-cooled copper or a refractory mold
  • One KF25 and one KF40 vacuum port are built at the back of the chamber (Pic. 1)
  • DN160 ISO-K port is built on the left of the chamber for connection of a turbopump
  • Two KF16 and a KF25 port on the top of the chamber. 
  • The optional secondary material feeder is available, which can feed 3 types of volatile dopants into crucible during melting (Pic 2-4)
  • The mechanical stirring function is optional (Pic. 5)
  •  Pic 1  Pic. 2 Pic. 3Pic. 4   Pic. 5
Crucible & Casting Mold

Ø30 × 80 mm H
Ø50 × 80 mm H
30×30×80 mm
  • Two graphite crucibles are included
  • Graphite crucible 1: Ø47 OD × Ø35 ID × 88 H mm; 77 ml (up to 400g Fe alloy) 
    Graphite crucible 2: Ø75 OD × Ø60 ID × 105 H mm; 282 ml (up to 1200g Fe alloy)
  • Optional BN liners for graphite crucible are also available.
    BN liner for crucible 1: Ø34 OD × Ø28 ID × 80 H mm
    BN liner for crucible 2: Ø58 OD × Ø50 ID × 100 H mm
  • Graphite casting mold is optional upon request. 
    Other casting materials can be found here
  • Optional copper casting mold is also available.
Pressure Gauge
Vacuum pressure gauges
  • IMCS-2000 can work both under high vacuum and positive pressure up to 5 psig. 
  • Corrosion-proof Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge with ceramic coated sensor head is included with a wide measure range (3E-5 ~ 1013 torr)
  Induction Heating


           Coil 1: Ø72 OD × Ø62 ID × 80 H mm;
           Coil 2: Ø102 OD × Ø92 ID × 100 H mm
  • No temperature controller in the standard package. It is easy to determine melting status by naked eyes.

 Gas Flow
  • One 0.2 - 2 L/min float flow meter is included. 

  Temperature control (Optional)


  • Power: 208-240 VAC, single phase, 30 W
  • PID temperature control
  • Working temperature: 1000 - 2000 °C
  • For T < 1700°C, type B thermocouple 
  • For T < 2200°C, type C thermocouple
  • IR pyrometer is also available upon request. 

  Mechanical Stirring (Optional)

  • Power: 208-240 VAC, single phase, 200 W
  • The optional mechanical stirring rod is used to enhance the convection of secondary dosing materials. 
  • The stirring rod is made of boron nitride. A graphite stirring rod is also available upon request. 
  • Please check the operation video below for more details. 
   Vacuum generation

  • Chamber vacuum: 
                                           10E-2 torr within 60 minutes via a mechanical pump
                                  2E-5 torr overnight pumping via a 63L/s turbopump
                                  <1E-5 torr via a 260 L/s turbopump. 
  • For  vacuum, please click the picture below to order a pump separately
  •    67L/s   260 L/s  mechanical pump
   Water Chiller  (Optional)

  • A 58L/min water chiller is required to cool down the induction coil and copper mold. 
  • The KJ6200 water chiller is sold separately. 


  • CE certified.
  • NRTL and CSA certification is available upon request

  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
Net Weight
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 690 lbs, 47" x 40" x 83"
Operation  Video Operation    Casting       Mechanical stirring  

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