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Compact Roll to Roll Coater w/ 160mm Max. Width & 6 Optional Coating Heads (Combination) - MSK-AFA-200

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Coating Heads (Combinations):

MSK-AFA-200 is a Roll-to-Roll continuous coat with 6 optional coating heads or head combinations for film coating with a small footprint for materials research labs.
This system integrates the functions/ features of reeling in & out, slurry feeder, coating blade, baking oven, and final electrode winding (reeling in).
It can coat electrode sheets up to 160mm in width and 500 meters in length automatically. 
For Roll to Roll Coater Service, please fill out and submit the Roll to Roll Coating Service Request Form
Note: upgraded to 4 coating heads option since Nov. 15, 2021



  • 208 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single phase
  • 3 KW

6 Type of Coating Heads Optional

(1) Doctor Blade Coating
(2) Reverse Comma Blade (Transforming)
(3) Micro-Gravure Coating

(4) Slot Die Coating
(5) Slot Die + Doctor Blade Coating
(6) Slot DIe + Reverse Comma Blade Coating

Please select the option bars to choose the coating head/combination
(1) Doctor Blade Coating; Thickness Precision:  +/-  0.006 mm
(2) Reverse Comma Blade ( Transforming )
(3) Micro-Gravure Coating

    (4) Slot Die Coating
    (5) Slot Die + Doctor Blade Coating

    (6) Slot DIe + Reverse Comma Blade Coating

    Coating Width

    • 160 mm Maximum

    Coating thickness

    • Reverse Comma Blade / Doctor Blade Coating: 30~200μm Depends on different slurry viscosity
    • Slot Die Coating: 5 - 200 micron, which is decided by slurry viscosity, feeding speed, and the gap between slot die and substrate. it is made of stainless steel (SUS630) for coating thickness from 5μm to 300μm. The coating width can be realized by various shims.
                  For bilayer slot die coating, please consider the customized slot die head with dual channels:
    • Micro-Gravure Coating1~50 um (dried film)

    Coating Speed

    • 0 - 200 mm/minute 


    • Heating method: Forced convection hot air  (IR + UV heating is available upon request)
    • Convection chamber: 500 mm length
    • Max. Drying Temperature:     150°C
    • Temperature Accuracy:           ±1°C
    • Temperature uniformity:          ±5°C
    • Customized design of dual heating chambers is also available:


    • Reeling/Unreeling shaft:  75mm (ID), which is a mechanical expanding shaft
    • Max. Reeling/Unreeling Roller Diameter:  200mm (OD)

    Max. Coating Length

    • Depending on the coating and substrate thickness.
    • Reverse Comma Blade / Doctor Blade Coating: 10um thick foil with 100um coating can get 500 meters of electrode length coated per run
    • Slot Die Coating: 30 mm width and 0.2 mm thickness,   the coating length can reach  15 meters for a 100 ml pump
    • Micro-Gravure Coating: 2~3um  ( dried film )

    Slurry Feeding

    • As for doctor blade, reverse comma blade, and microgravure, peristalic pump of MSK-155 with 2L volume can be considered:
    • As for slot die, synringe pump of MSK-151-L500 and screw pump of MSK-156 can be considered for continuous and intermittent coating, respectively:

    Guiding Roller

    • The guild rollers are made of EPDM rubber. They are the consumable parts and suggested a replacement every year. Please click here to order the spare guild roller.


    • 1000mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 630mm(H) -- footprint
    • The R2R coater can be placed into a glove box for air-sensitive material 

    Net Weight

    • 400 kg (882 lbs)

    Shipping Dimensions

    • 47" x 40" x 40"

    Shipping Weight

    • 1000 lbs


    • CE Certified
    • NRTL (UL61010)  or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost.


    • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
    • Rusting and damage due to improper storage conditions or maintenance are not covered by a warranty

    Operation Instructions Video
            Blade Coating               Reverse Comma Coating         Slot Die Coating                 Coater Demo

    Application Notes
      • Please use Acetone to clean and dry the doctor blade, slurry feeder, and roller to avoid rusting
      • Customers are welcome to visit our facility to receive technical training before shipping equipment (Please schedule an appointment with us in advance)
      • On-site Training is available for customers within the US only (Expenses will be covered by customers)
      • Atmosphere plasma cleaning add-on for the substrate is available upon request. Such a surface treatment will activate and increase the energy of the substrate surface and thus enables a better adhesion & bonding to the coating materials. Please click pic.1 below for more details.
      • You may use the Precision Peristaltic Slurry Feeding Pump for continuous slurry delivery during the roll-to-roll coating process. ( Click Pic.2 & Pic.3 in below to order )          
      • You may order  Dual-Filtration System for NMP Vapor (Pic.4) and connect it to the coating system for keeping the environment healthy.
      • You may order a Magnetic De-ironing Filtration system (Pic.5) for optimizing slurry condition 
                Pic.1    Pic.2       Pic.3        Pic.4     Pic.5

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