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200C Max. 4" Width Electric Hot Rolling Press w/ Variable Speed - (Ar Gas Compatible) - MSK-HRP-1A

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Item Number: MSKHRP1A
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MSK-HRP-1A is compact Hot Rolling Cylinder Press with max. the working temperature of 200°C, which is designed for preparing battery electrode for both inside or outside glove-box because the high torque DC motor is Ar gas compatible. It serves well in applications such as increasing the active material density of the electrode in Li-ion batteries research after coating. It has a pair of 100mm width steel rollers with a heating capacity of 200°C max.


Effective Cylinder Width


Roller Size 96 mm Dia.x 100mm W
Made of Stainless steel

Rolling Gap

0~1.2 mm adjustable

Mechanical Dial Gauge (Included)

Range: 0 - 3mm
Accuracy: 0.01mm

Upgradable Digital Micrometer
(Not Included)

Digital Micrometers are available at an extra cost:
Range: 0 - 12.7mm
Accuracy: 0.004mm
Minimum Thickness
Depending on the electrode's material and thickness, typically:
  • A 0.16mm thick electrode coated on copper can be pressed into a minimum thickness of  0.1 mm
  • A 0.06mm thick electrode coated on copper can be pressed into a minimum thickness of 0.04 mm
  • A 0.33mm thick silver/gold can be pressed into a minimum thickness of 0.03 mm
Heating Temperature

  • Two independent temperature controllers enable dual-zone temperature control for the upper and lower rollers.
  • 200°C maximum for less than one hour.
  • 190°C continuously
  • Recommended Heating Rate: 1.3°C/minute
  • Two heating elements are installed
  • Power for each Heating Element: 500W
  • Precision temperature controller  with  +/-1°C Accuracy
  • The heating rod is consumable. Please Click Picture left to order spare


Motor & Rolling Speed

  • High torque 24VDC motor with reducing gear (1:75) 
  • 0.8A
  • Rated power 40W
  • Speed Indicator Display: 0~26 mm/s (real linear speed of rollers)
  • Digital controlled with constant output power 

Surface Hardness of Rollers


Never roll materials with hardness > 50HRC (benchtop rolling press is not suitable for calendering thick metals. For applications with such needs, please consult with MTI engineers.)

Feeding Board

2 PTFE feeding boards included

Roll to Roll System 

MSK-HRP-04-RD R2R system can be integrated with the calendering machine at extra cost to enable the automatic film unwinding -> winding after calendering. Please click underline to view product details.                                                                                            (Video)


  • 530mm(L) x 247mm(W) x 380mm(H)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 40" x 30" x 30" (L x W x H)

Net Weight


Shipping Weight

215 lbs

Application Notes


Important announcement (please read this before place the order)

  • The MSK-HRP-1A roller is specially designed for battery R&D in terms of its advantages as affordable, compact and precise. Please strictly follow the instructions to operate
  • Must use acetone to clean rollers' surface after each use
  • Never roll material with hardness > 50HRC
  • If the machine will be idle for a long period of time, please apply anti-rust lubricant on the rollers
  • The minimum thickness of the rolled sheet should depend on the physical property of the material. Here are some results from our test:
  • Please refer to this instruction on how to calculate rolling pressure from roller gap (reference only)
Electrode  Size    Original thickness    Finished thickness   
LiFePO4 double sides 50mm Width x 260mm Length    0.205mm 0.09mm
LiMn2O4 double sides 50mm Width x 260mm Length 0.205mm 0.09mm
Copper foil + graphite (single side) 75mm Width x 240mm Length 0.09mm 0.04mm

Compliance & Warranty
  • CE Certified
  • MET certificate is available upon request at extra cost.
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty
Operation Video & Instructions          
  • Do not touch the surface of the rolling part of the machine when the rollers are heated up or running.
  • Due to the influence of working environments, the temperature on the roller surface may be different from the display on the controller. You may calibrate the temperature by EQ-TC-calibrator-LD, and refer to the instruction here from time to time to ensure heating temperature accuracy
  • Never roll materials with hardness > 50HRC
  • Multi-step thickness calendering needed: While calendering the sample sheet, make each calendering decrement of 0.02mm compared with sheet original thickness.
  • Never calendering decrement over 0.02mm comparing with original sheet thickness each calendering.
  • Heating beyond 200ºC results in roller deformation and causes inaccurate, and may yield thicker-than-usual rolling result. In order to prolong the lifespan of the roller bearings, regular lubrication is recommended. 
  • Clean roller surface for each rolling with acetone and lubricate when not in use to avoid corrosion
  • It is not allowed to use any MTI product in any hazardous location, especially prohibited from using in Class I environments (flammable gasses & vapor).

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