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2T Max. Hydraulic Driven Crushing & Nail Penetration Tester with Digital & Remote Control - MSK-TE905-UL-R

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Item Number: MSKTE905R


MSK-TE905-UL-R is an advanced testing machine for both Crushing and nail penetration with Touch Screen programmable Panel and a hand-held wireless remote controller for safe operation. The electric hydraulic pump provides a crushing force for battery cells at variable speeds up to 15KN. The tester can cut off based on battery deformation %  and voltage drop off. automatically. to meet IEC 62133.8.3.5 and the UN38.3 requirement.  


Power Requirements
  • 220V +/- 10% AC, Single phase, or customized 380V AC 3 phase
  • 3000W
 Crushing Unit

  • Electric Hydraulic cylinder Ram 32mm dia.
  • Force 1000N~15KN with Accuracy: ±1%
  • Pressing plate: 150 mm Dia.
  • Crushing speed: 1- 100 mm/s adjustable via hydraulic pump's valve
  • Programmable Battery Height Range: 0-999mm (Physical max. battery height: 340mm)
  • Battery Voltage Drop Range: 0 - 10V programmable
  • Battery Deformation Range: 0-99%
Nail Penetration Unit
  • Driven by Electric Hydraulic cylinder 
  • Penetration Force: adjustable
  • Penetration speed: 1~50 mm/s adjustable (High-speed version 110/130 mm/s 50/60Hz is available upon request
  • Dwell time: 0~9999s adjustable
  • Four nails (HSS) included: φ3mm, φ4mm, φ6mm, φ8mm made by high-temperature steel
Chamber Structure

  • Internal Chamber size: 750 W x 700 D x 700 H, mm
  • Double-layer steel chamber for explosion containment
    • Inside chamber: made of 1.5 mm thick cold-rolled SS304 with tensile strength > 500 Mpa
    • Outside casing: made of 1.5 mm thickness annealed A3 steel with Tensile strength > 400 Mpa
  • Explosion containment window: 280 x 280 mm  
    • Double layer 5 mm thick explosion containing glass with double-sided shard holding the film to ensure broken glass can not fly out in the case of explosion
    • 4“ Venting port and pressure release door are built in the back of the chamber (Pic. 4)
  • Laser crosshair for visualizing crushing / penetrating center
  • Battery Placement Area: 310 x 310 x 340 mm
  • Max. Payload: 60Kg
  • Lighting is built on top
  • Four-wheel is installed on the bottom to make the box movable
  • Click to download the structure drawing (PDF)
  •            Pic. 4
Optional IR Grade Window

  • An additional IR (Infrared) Window for the 2.5-inch dia. IR lens (typical ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, etc) can be installed on the side of the chamber at an additional cost. The IR lens is ordered separately. Please contact us for more information
Control Unit

  • 6" color touch screen control panel for operating and setting parameters such as Crushing Force, Dwell Motion, Time,  Crushing Deformation, and Voltage Change
    • Deformation sensor accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
    • Voltage sensor accuracy: +/- 1.0 mV
  • Once the parameter setup on the touch screen, a wireless hand-held remote controller will operate the machine within 10 meters distance for safe operation
  • Optional 1: Remote HMI operation panel by PC/Tablet via Ethernet/WiFi network is available upon request at an extra cost
  • Optional 2: LabVIEW upgrade. MTI provides the slave program in PLC, the Ethernet communication module, and protocol instruction. Customers can write the master program in LabVIEW and achieves the system control and data logging for all testing parameters such as voltage drop, deformation%, force, speed, position. MTI will provide limited or no support on LabVIEW programming

  • The pressure release doors are built in the back of the machine. the door will open in the case battery exploded to release pressure and smoking. (Pic 1)
  • A 5.5-inch O.D duct connector is in the back of the chamber for connecting to an exhaust system at the customer site. (Connecting tube and  exhaust system are not included, Pic2), and keep venting gas from inside the chamber
  • Warning: must keep venting during battery testing, in order to ensure chamber pressure does not go up just in case batteries explode.
  • An in-line exhaust fan with an aluminum flex duct connection is recommended. (Click pictures below to learn the details)
Net Weight
  • 1,230 lbs (558 kg)
Shipping Weight
  • 1,428 lbs (648 kg)
Warranty One year limited manufacturer's warranty with lifetime support; extended warranty available upon request at additional cost. (Rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty)
  • NRTL (UL61010) or CSA certification is available at extra cost. (Please contact us or click marks below to learn more about the certification details.) 
  • UL 61010 only ensures the machine's components meet the UL fire hazard standard. It is unrelated to the hazard caused by the experiment

Demo Video
Operation Manual
                 Video: Nail Penetration Thermal Measurement
Safety Note
  • The machine must be put in an isolated fire-proof room or fume-hood with an extinguishing system
  • Please use remote for operation in a safe location
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