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131 L Fire-Proof Thermal Abuse Test Chamber w/ Optional Automatic Extinguisher Fixture - MSK-TE909

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MSK-TE909  is designed for the battery thermal abuse test for IEC62133-8.2.2.  A precision temperature controller will provide +/- 1°C accuracy up to Max. 200 °C  The Automatic Extinguisher Fixture is optional, which can install a special lithium battery extinguisher and start spraying when battery firing.

Working Voltage
  • 208 -  240VAC 50/60Hz, single phase
  • 2,200W Max. 

  • Interior Material: Stainless Steel  SS304
  • Dimensions:   W450mm × D540mm × H540mm
  • Volume:          131 Liters
  • Two removable steel racks
  • Window:         high-temperature glass with anti-explode film, size: W2 00mm x H 300mm,
  • Side Port:   
    • Two ports ( 50 mm Dia.) with adaptive blocks are on the right size for feedthrough electronic wire and  Extinguisher pipe.
  • Anti-explosion Port:             
    • 150 mm diameter port on the back, which will open when the chamber is built-up pressure 
    • 32 mm Dia. venting hole is on the back, which will keep hot air continuous flow for venting.
Working Environment
  • 25±3℃ for environment temperature
  • Humidity 30~90RH(%)
  • RT - 200°C for continuous operation
  • Maximum Heating Rate:  7 ºC/min 
  • No vibration and electromagnetic interference
Temperature Controller
  • Single point setting temperature controller with +/- 1°C accuracy.
  • Build-in over-temperature, thermocouple failure protection alarm.
  • Build-in over-temperature, thermocouple failure protection alarm.
  • Temperature uniformity inside the chamber:  +/- 2 °C
  • Optional Eurotherm temperature is optional with +/- 0.1 °C accuracy at the extra cost
Temperature inside chamber
  • RT room temperature, +10℃-200℃, freely set
  • Uniformity of 2 degrees ℃ (working area)
  • Test (Wire through) Port: ⌀50mm x 2, with a plug head
  • Anti-explosion Hole: ⌀150mm x 1
  • Nitrogen inlet Hole: ⌀32mm x 1
Extinguisher Fixture
(Optional at extra cost)

Three types of extinguishing fixture available as an option at extra cost
(1) Nitrogen gas extinguishing fixture (Picture. 1 below)

The oven is built-in a stainless steel tube that connects to a nitrogen tank with the over-temperature switch.   When the battery is firing when and causes temperature raising, the nitrogen gas valve will open automatically to Extinguish the fire.   This system is only suitable for a single-cell test ( not for > 50WH battery pack ).

(2) Separated Fire Extinguisher Fixture (Picture. 2 below)
  • The fixture can install 2 - 6-liter Extinguisher as recommended below, and connect spraying pipe to the oven
  • When chamber temperature reaches a high alarm setting (which is 2-3  higher than setting value) will open the valve of extinguisher to spray extinguishing material.
  • One remote control is included, which open extinguisher at remote distance manually
  • The fire extinguisher is not included. Please click Picture below to order a Class D extinguisher  ( P/N Amerex B570) for lithium battery  from the manufacturer directly

(3) Double protection Extinguisher (Picture. 3 below)
  • Combine both Nitrogen gas exringuisher fixture and Separated fire extinguisher
 (Pic. 1:  Nitrogen gas extinguishing)      ( Pic 2:Separated Extinguisher Fixture)

  (Pic. 3: Combine Nitogen gas extinguising and Separated Extinguisher Fixture)
Battery Analyzer
( optional  at the extra cost)
Recommended Battery Capacity for testing
  • 10Ah ( 3.7V)  or  37wh  without an automatic extinguisher
  • 30Ah ( 3.7V) or   110 wh with  an automatic extinguisher)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA  is available upon request at the extra cost.
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Specific Setting of MSK-TE909 Warning
  • Always set high-temperature alarm (fire alarm) temperature 2-3 higher than operation setting value. (MTI will not responsible for any damage to people to property due to improper setting of automatic fire extinguisher equipment and alarm)
  • Carefully operate chamber (MSK-TE909) when setting temperature over 150℃ for a battery test, and 200℃ is the maximum tolerance temperature for this device
  • If bought optional Separated Fire Extinguisher Fixture, Release the emergency stop button in normal condition. Only push the emergency stop button to stop the fire extinguisher from spraying
Operation Instruction

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