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Bench-Top Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Coating Unit with 6"×6" Heating Plate up to 500C - MSK-USP-02

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Spray pyrolysis is a process in which a thin film is deposited by spraying a solution on a heated surface, where the constituent reacts to form a chemical compound. The process is particularly useful for the deposition of oxides and has long been a production method for applying a transparent electrical conductor of Tin oxide (SnO2) or Stannic oxide to a glass substrate. Now, this technique is increasingly used to prepare perovskite thin film, such as in perovskite solar cells.
MSK-USP-02 is a desktop ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (USP) equipment or called Mist CVD where parameters like dispensing rate of the solution and speed of spray head movement are precisely controlled by a software interface. A positive displacement pump controlled by a stepper motor is used to dispense solution as per requirement. The ultrasonic spray head provides thin-film coating and its movement is controlled by the stepper motor driven linear stages in X and Y direction to ensure uniform coating. The spray pattern and velocity can be adjusted by changing the compressed air pressure at the nozzle. The temperature of the substrate heater plate is controlled independently through a dedicated controller.

Power Input
  • Single-phase 208 - 240 VAC,  50/60 Hz
  • Please order a 1500 W transformer for running the machine only at 110 V
  • Actuator: Stepper motor, 24 VDC
Dimensions        Machine Overall     Chamber Size (700mm Wide x 700mm Depth x 700mm Height)

  • Three spray heads are included 
    • Ultrasonic spray head (compressed air assisted) for uniform, thin-film coating (Higher viscosity)
    • Compressive air spray for thick film coating
    • 20 mL syringe pump with two air nozzle for small quantity coating. (Low viscosity <3000)
  • Spray head travel distance: 150mm (Lowest) to 250mm (Highest), 200mm (X-axis) and 235mm (Y-axis)
  • Dispensing unit capacity: 50 mL & 250 mL (two containers included) container
  • Container dispensing rate: 1-20 mL/min adjustable via software
  • Syringe pump dispensing rate: 20 μL/min - 10 mL/min adjustable via software
  • One brand new laptop computer or one Microsoft Surface Pro with pre-installed software is included. (Pls select at the Product Options)

  • Ultrasonic atomizer nozzle: 40 kHz, 130 W
  • Producing a fine spray of droplets of 50 microns average size
  • Fluid viscosity range: 1 - 50 mPa·s (cP)
  • Sprayer traverse:  X - Y 200 mm max
  • Drive speed X-axis: 10-800 mm / sec
  • Drive speed Y-axis:  1-12 mm / sec
  • Note: you may use inert gas or compress air to shape the spray pattern and increase spray velocity
Air Compressor
  • Compressed air with a pressure of ~ 4 bar is required for normal operation of the unit
  • One compact air compressor is included for immediate use
  • Attention: If a gas cylinder is used instead of an air compressor, a two-stage pressure regulator(pic1) must be installed  
Substrate Base Plate
  • Dimension: 150 mm × 150 mm
  • Max temperature: 500°C
  • PC connectivity: RS232 port (Software included, but need PC for operation)
  • 500oC heating plate with vacuum chuck (350L x 240W, mm) is available upon request at the extra cost
  Optional rotary sample holder

  • Rotary sample holder with chuck is available for coating cylinder type of sample at the extra cost ( ~$2000)
  • Spindle speed is adjustable 5 - 4000 RPM by independent DC motor and controller
  • Input power: 110 - 240V AC, 100W
  • The system controller box is connected to the laptop or Surface Pro via RS232 port and USB adapter
  • Centralized software control of dispensing rate, X-Y stage movement, solution loading and draining 
  • All of the process parameters can be saved as a user process and retrieved later for analysis or re-run
  • One brand new laptop computer or one Microsoft Surface Pro with pre-installed software is included. (Please select at Product Options) 
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support (demo before purchase available)
  • CE certified
Operation Instruction &
Demo Video
Application Note
  • Many factors affect the quality of the coating as below. Customer needs test to find the best processing parameter
    •  Cleanliness
    •  Surface area
    •  Surface topography or profile
    •  Temperature (thermal energy)
    •  Time (reaction rates, cooling rates, etc.)
    •  Velocity (kinetic energy)
    •  Physical & chemical properties
    •  Physical & chemical reactions
Reference Articles
  • Two pallets: 630 lbs with 52" x 50" x 47" dimension, and 110 lbs with 47" x 39" x 33" dimension
Application Notes
  • Be cautious of using hazardous materials. The working chamber of this unit is not flame-proof, explosive proof or vacuum-sealed. Contact your health and safety department for detailed material handling instruction and prevention/protection practices. If you need a vacuum-sealed safety chamber please consider the MSK-USP-06.

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