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1100C 8-Zone High Pressure Super-Alloy Tube Furnace w/ Pressure Control System - OTF-1200X-VIII-80-GF

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Item Number: OTF-1200X-VIII-80-GF

OTF-1200X-HP-VIII-80-GF is a high-pressure tube furnace with eight heating zones and a pressure control system. The processing tube is made of Ni-based superalloy (50 mm ID x 2000mm L) which can withstand high pressure (oxygen or inert gases) under 1100°C max. Its pressure control system can maintain a stable pressure during the heating process which is critical for processing Fe-based superconductive material, or new generation oxide ceramics.


Furnace & Power
  • Splittable Eight heating zone tube furnace with air cooling layer
  • High-quality fibrous insulation and reflective coating for max. energy saving.
  • Power:  208 - 240VAC 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 9.6 KW max. (> 60A circuit breaker is required )
Heating Zone
  • Eight heating zones:   150mm / zone
  • Total heating zone length: 1200mm 
  • Constant temp. zone: 900mm ±5°C
    Working Temperature
  • 1100°C max.for < 1hr  
  • 1000°C for continuous
  • Heating rate: ≤10°C/min
Temperature Control

    • Touch screen temperature controller is built in a control station which provides individual controls over the eight heating zones
    • Each channel is with PID auto-tuning, up to 30 segments programmable
    • Built-in overheating & thermocouple failure protection.
    • +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.

    Process Vessel

    • The pressure vessel is made of Nickel-based superalloy GH747 (Click to download GH747 nickel-based alloy datasheet)
    • Vessel size: OD 85 x  ID 50 x  Length 2000 (mm) 
    • Optional: torque wrench is available here to avoid over-tighten the flange bolts. 
    • Warning: Never put a sample inside the tube directly without crucible or isolated foil to avoid reaction to the tube.
    Working Pressure
    • 20 Mpa max. at  <800°C
    • 13 Mpa max. at <900°C
    • 6   Mpa max. at <1000°C
    • 4   Mpa max. at <1100°C
    • Never heat up above 1200°C

    Working Gases
    • Inert gas and oxygen
    • No hydrogen or any flammable gas
    Flange and  Fitting
    • Two CF type flanges are weld with female 1/4"NPT fitting to connect the high-pressure tube
    • 2 pcs Copper o-rings are included  ( spare copper O-ring is available as consumable )

    Gas Flow & Pressure Control System

    • Gas flow and pressure control system is built in a heavy-duty mobile table under the furnace and safety frame 
    • Two pressure sensors and digital displays are installed to monitor the pressure for gas inlet and furnace tube
    • One high-pressure mass flow controller is installed at the gas outlet to control the gas flow rate with max. 10Mpa working pressure and 500 SCCM flow rate 
    • A pressure relief valve is installed, which will release gas when the pressure reaches the setting point for safety.
    Dimension & Weight
    • Dimension:  26000mmL*700mmW*947mmH (furnace); 1100mmL*600W*1200mmH (control console)
    • Net weight:  480 kg
    Operation Instruction
    Compliance & Warranty
    • CE certified
    • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.
    • One year limited warranty for lifetime support
    Safety Notes
    • Ni-based Superalloy ( Waspaloy or equivalent) is a reliable processing tube, which has excellent ductility and tensile property so only creep deformation happens under overpressure before a cracking.
    • Please see pics left to see Ni-based Super-alloy ( Waspaloy or equivalent) processing tube under overpressure test
    • Attention: For the use of flammable, toxic, or corrosive gases, you must contact the MTI engineering group for the consultation to know all the prerequisites and precautionary measures.

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