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PbWO4 single crystal substrate,random orientation , 10x3x0.45mm,1sp - PWO41003045S1

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Item Number: PWO41003045S1

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  • substrate:PbWO4
  • Wafer size:   10 x 3 x 0.45 mm
  • Orientation:  Random
  •  Polished surface:   single side polished
  • Package:    Each wafer is packed in 1000 class clean room with plastic bag .

    PbWO4 single crystal, 10 x 5 x 0.5mm, both faces fine ground.  

  • Lead tungstate ( PbWO4 ) is a new scintillating crystal discovered in 1990s. It is one of the most dense oxide crystal ( 8.3g/cm3), and is distinguished by its short radiation length ( 0.9 cm), small Moliere radius ( 2.19cm) and strong irradiation hardness.  Its scintillation light output peaks between 450-550nm with a fast component decay time in the range from 2-20ns. After irradiation with g-ray, the degradation in the optical transmittance is not large up to 106 rad. PbWO4 is considered as a promising scintillation material for electromagnetic spectrometer in high energy, nuclear physics experiment as well as nuclear medicine.

  • Main PropertiesCrystal structure: Tetragonal; Space group I 41 /a; Lattice constant (Å) a = b = 5.416 , c = 12.049;  Density (g/cm3) 8.28; Radiation length (cm) 0.92; Mole re radius (cm) 2.19; Decay constant (ns) 6/30; Peak emission (nm): 440/530; Light output (%) 0.5; Index of refraction: 2.16; Melting point (°C ) 1123; Hygroscopicity:  No Cleavage (101);  Crystal boule size 30 mm in diameter x 100 mm in length

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